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January 07 2010

Olivia Williams at a screening of Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, out today in the UK. "I'm never in films called 'Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll', I'm in things called 'Tea and Cucumber Sandwiches'..."

ETA: Fixed the date, I forgot it is tomorrow in the UK.

I truly hope we get to see this here in the states. And a side note, it will be sad not to see Olivia every Friday night. Adelle is one of my favorite characters on Dollhouse.
Same goes double. How great is she in that role. Great actress, much love for her. Glad to her there are more fans that she will be missed by. *hugs* to madmolly. Don't worry *sheds tear* we'll get through this!!
Gimme a break. She's playing a stay-at-home mum? Olivia is a passionate COUGAR, filmmakers. That scene in Dollhouse where she loses her ice-queen composure and and screams at Boyd? That proves she should be playing not only control but what's simmering underneath; the kind of out-there, full-bodied roles.
I found another, but I don't know how to add multiple links to a post:

And isn't she wearing the same shirt in Stop-Loss?
ETA: Fixed the date, I forgot it is tomorrow in the UK.

Actually even here it's still not tomorrow, I don't think that happens for another day or so.

Wahhh, can't watch the videos at work, oh cruel, cruel world ! Pity if Olivia's role isn't that big/challenging but I may well check this out anyway, i've a feeling Andy Serkis is going to be absolutely brilliant as Dury.
Adelle wasnt a characte i liked at first, but i do now, she is a great actress, that scene with her and tohper in epitaph (spelling?) broke my heart
She's now the first ever member of a Joss show to appear on Loose Woman (I think).
I remember Anthony Head being on, talking about Merlin maybe.

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