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January 08 2010

Commentary! The Musical is now available on iTunes! Apparently it's been out since January 5th. It's also available at iTunes UK, and as well.

It's also available at iTunes UK for 7.99.

That style of art is familiar, wasn't there a piece of fan-art a while back that looked a lot like that ? S'ringing bells.

Hmm, I already have it available and Dr H is already notably healthy financially. On the other hand, more cash can't hurt any upcoming sequels ("Doctor Horrible 2: Horrible in Spaaaaacccce !") and I do still have some Santa money leftover ...
Anyone know when it will be available from Amazon?
Amazon have it available for download (link) but I don't if it's going to be released in CD format.
Ahh. I was searching for it by using 'Dr Horrible'. Didn't think to use 'Commentary'. Thanks.
No worries, Amazon says it was released on the 13th of December. Can't believe we all missed that.
I was waiting for the word from Jed. After this tweet from Dr. Horrible, I assumed we'd get an update.
Here's that art I was thinking of BTW (fan-art as in by a fan as it turns out, not as in non-professional, it being J Scott Campbell that drew it), as linked from here last July. Kinda similar ish no ? Wonder if someone saw it and asked him to do the cover ?

(course, knowing the clan Whedon there's probably one of them - or maybe one of the "spare" brothers - that's a cracking artist and so they just did it themselves. Or failing that, it's not as if Joss doesn't know a few people that can draw a bit and he could ask a favour of *cough* John frikkin' Cassaday *cough* ;)
Excellent. It's a quid cheaper at
I think he did excactly that. Look next to Dr. Horrible's neck - That looks like Cassaday's JC signature. I could be wrong because I'm at work and can only look at the cover on my iPhone but I'm 99% certain it's Cassaday art.
Yes it's his initials alright.
Waah. I was hoping for an unbleeped version.
Yep, good spot Michael, that does look like his logo/signature thingy (and his clean lines now that the idea's in the air). Cool little bonus feature (except if it never comes out on CD I guess we'll only ever have it as that small-ish image).

ETA: Though the Amazon "larger image" one is a reasonable size.

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Relistening to "Neil's Turn"... whoa, Joss really ripped off Sondheim, didn't he? In a good way, I mean. :)
Gaah! I just downloaded the regular soundtrack thru iTunes Canada. Let's keep us Canucks updated on when Commentary! is available there too!
It is available in iTunes Canada.
Simon, I don't think the Amazon date is correct, considering that Jed tweeted on that very same day -- December 13 -- "Working on Commentary The Musical! Be avail soon, hopefully in time for Christmas..."
The amazon date is definitely not correct. I looked for Commentary at their site a week or two ago and it wasn't there.

I forgot to mention in my last post that it is available in the German iTunes Store and at as well. I guess that means it's most likely available in every iTunes and Amazon store.
I'm guessing these are unchanged from the dvd? I was kind of hoping for the full version of Heart, Broken.
I'm guessing these are unchanged from the dvd? I was kind of hoping for the full version of Heart, Broken.

Yes, it's the same as the DVD.
Some songs are a little bit longer; with longer intros, for instance. At least that's the way it sounds to me.
Just bought this and listened to it right through for
what must be the first time in ageeess and I laughed constantly. Really can't stop smiling.

Joss' song seemed as oddly profound as ever too. Plus the "Charybdis tested well with teens" line has to be the best. Ever.
I have never made an impulse purchase faster. Admittedly it's one I've been waiting for since the DVD came out, but still. And now I have something to do while waiting for Dollhouse to pop up on Hulu. Thanks, Jed, et al!

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