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January 08 2010

Happy birthday, Amber Benson! She turns thirty-three today.

And a very gorgeous 33 at that. Hope she has a great day ahead of her!
It's been a long time since The Crush!

I just looked up her IMDB page and that's actually her first credit. Cool. It's rare that my first memory of an actor is also from the first time they appeared. In fact, she's the only one I can think of.
Happy Birthday, Amber!
Thank you for bringing your sublime Amber-ness to the role of Tara and all other aspects of your creative life. Have cake & sundry birthday fun--happily!
Happy birthday to Amber. Hope she has a magnificent day!
Happy birthday AMBER! She Rocks!
Rock she does indeed, Ezra.
Happy Belated Double-Trey B'day to my Favorite Actress in the World. I swear I'll get a few of your movies this year.

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