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January 08 2010

Dichen Lachman talks Dollhouse. The show, her favourite moments, the cancellation and her love for Firefly get discussed. All in all, it's a great interview.

Yeah, nice interview. And another 'Firefly' fan joins the ranks, welcome Dichen (hope she bought the DVDs ;-).
Great interview, I love that she is such a big Firefly fan.
Yeah, she sounds like me when I start talking about Firefly... in that 'you're a little obsessed with it, aren't you' kinda way.
I liked the comment about how the casts' names were obstacles to being friends. I could see that happening.
Don't you just love her. Another Browncoat is born. Her remark at the end about her heart being heavy hit me. It's how I feel today. Can't wait for tonight's episode, but it kills me there is only 3 left. Damn you FOX.
aw, I just wanted to hug her after reading this -- there's nothing so sweet as knowing an actor is a total Whedon-fan! Because in my world, Joss = love.
Sensational interview. That IF site really knows how to work it.
I remember reading her Twitter while she was doing the Firefly marathon. Funny to read her reactions. I think she said something along the lines of, "No Jayne, why?" during what must have been Ariel.
Oo, that last bit. :: Snif! ::

But yay for Dichen the Firefly fangirl! Look at the shiny brown coat on that doll!

She really needs to be on the Mutant Enemy go-to list from now on, along with Enver and Fran. And Olivia. And Miracle.

If only there was a way to-- Hold on... Joss and Mutant Enemy should cut out the middleman and do little webisodes for their properties, featuring all the lovely Whedonian folk. Then Dichen can be part of the 'Verse, and Enver can become a member of the E.L.E. (he can be Mr. Jinx, the villain who uses his low-level telepathy to not only say what you're saying, but to say it exactly the way you say it, with all your mannerisms, until you can't tell if you're the original or the copy) and eventually there'll be a whole webmedia empire established which makes television utterly obsolete and nobody will watch cable or broadcast anymore and the networks will collapse and Fox will beg Joss to let them run shows on the Mutant Enemy Netcasting Service Channel (MENSCh) and he'll tell them yes, then make them change their silly reality shows so they have better continuity and story depth and then he'll change the release dates and run them out of sequence and drop them when they don't get enough streaming requests and then in a few years he'll invite them back to do another show and pretty much do the same thing to them and...

'Kay, I'll stop now.

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Such a sweet girl and interview. I love it when people get the magic of Firefly, it's so powerful and enjoyable. Having her on Dollhouse has been a treat and I can't wait to own the dvds/blurays/whatever of the complete Dollhouse series for years to come. :)
Grotesk, thanks for making me laught really, really hard:)

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