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January 08 2010

Alexis Denisof chats about his new pilot 'Pretty Little Liars'. It's a supernatural series that ABC may pick up for the fall.

It will great to see Alexis in a series l hope ABC picks up his pilot.
Isn't it ABC Family?, I remember thinking and discussing about it being ABC Family? I'm looking forward to the show no matter.
*cringe* love him but his accent is so WEIRD!
That's a pretty normal sounding accent, I think. And yep, ABC Family.
If it's ABC Family, I'm screwed as far as watching it. But if I can, I certainly will. Love him.
ABC...Please pick this up! Pretty please!!! And... what is up with all these compaints about his voice. I think he has a very lovely voice.

Since this is being filmed in scifi (Canada) land, maybe we will see him in Caprica, or one of the many other shows filmed there.:)
It's not an accent but that nasal quality to his voice in its 'natural state' that's a bit surprising.
Yes, I was very surprised by the nasality when I saw an itnerview, since neither Wesley nor Sandy Rivers have nasal voices, and Alexis doesn't have a nose like mine.

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