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January 08 2010

Why I Sang to Your Mother. In a story about How I Met Your Mother's musical 100th episode, Slate looks at how other television series worked musical episodes into their storylines. "Once More with Feeling" is 4th of 4 in their video slideshow.

We'll be doing a special one-off front page entry discussion thread for that episode on Monday (and for Bones' 100th episode whenever that is).
Fun! Though I was a bit disappointed that the clip from OMWF was so short. I watched all three other shows' clips, expecting to get at least the entirety of one song from BtVS, but alas.
The more I hear about this episode the more excited I get. (Which always worries me because then I anticipate awesomeness and am often disappointed by mediocrity.) Am definitely looking forward to Monday.
I'm with you Emmie! Now I need to find the rest...I know I have the file somewhere here at the office.
The song that is featured has been up on CBS' YouTube Channel for a while now. It's a behind-the-scenes look, but I think its basically the whole song.

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