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January 08 2010

(SPOILER) Trailer for next week's episode of Dollhouse. This should whet your appetite for 'The Hollow Men'.

If 'Getting Closer' didn't do that...
I haven't seen Getting Closer yet so the promo did whet my appetite :p.
Okay, weird. Two different browsers and in neither one will this YouTube video play. WTF.
Really glad I didn't see this before "Getting Closer" as I was tempted to, because it would probably ruin the biggest and most shocking twist from that episode.
I can't get the video to play either...
So I guess the title is a T S Eliot reference?
Woo hoo! Can't wait to see how this plays out!
the expressions on boyd's and saunder's faces in this trailer—especially when they smile— totally give me the heebie-jeebies.

and re-reading "the hollow men" gives this upcoming ep added depth.
Is this the finale? I'm getting confused as to whether there is one or two episodes left. Miracle and Eliza's tweets send conflicting messages....
For those who couldn't view the Youtube clip (yes, I was one of them), try this link:

Also I think there are 2 episodes left (the trailer says so), The Hollow Men and Epitaph Two: The Return.

As for my thoughts on last night's episode? OMGWTFBBQ! That is all :)
So how come Whiskey is so evil all of a sudden? What the hell happened to her after she left in Vows?
MySerenity, there is "The Hollow Men" and then "Epitaph Two". (I think even this trailer says "two episodes" left.) Eliza must be travel confused.
I see SpoilerTV has picked up Eliza's tweet as maybe meaning Epitaph Two won't air. This is incorrect, Eliza just got confused.
So I guess SpoilerTV didn't bother to watch the trailer and see the big "TWO EPISODES" that comes up on screen.
Ahhh, love so much! Boyd/Saunders are terribly spooky... And that sure looks like some Victor/Anthony hotness, always welcome. Can't wait!
Gah! Boyd's smile is freaky!

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Boyd's sounding like a totally creepy religious fanatic or something.

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