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January 09 2010

Read the first part of 'Tales Of The Vampires: Carpe Noctem'. There's a related interview with the writer over at MTV's Splash Page. Looks like the story will be a very worthy addition to Buffy Season 8.

Is this only available on the American MTV page?
I can view it here in the UK but I have to click the "continue to visit MTV US" page each time.
Ooh, very nice.
Thanks for the tip Simon!

Love the story. It sheds no new light on the "vampires are in" thing (and I've had a hard time buying that for the past year), but the story itself is fun. Viewed from a "True Blood" perspective, I am sort of able to understand how vamps are in.
That was actually kinda cool. Loved the art. Writing's solid. Yeah, it's a little True Blood, this vamp sounds like some of the ones on that who aren't on board with "mainstreaming".

Heh, vampiredom's evilness ruined by reality TV.

Even if the second part adds nothing insightful to how vampires are currently behaving and reacting to life post-Harmony (and this first part at least does show us that some seem to be okay with having to mainstream as a price for not having to hide anymore), it should at least be a fun bit of extra color added to Season 8.

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