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November 01 2003

Showtalkers #44 Life of the Party is now up. The trio talks about Life of the Party.

I'd like to listen to these shows, but the sound quality is abysmal. There's something up with the encoding or possibly the source because a 48kbit mp3 shouldn't sound that bad. Is the original stream 24k or someting? It sounds like it could be coming from a lower quality stream.
For me the shows sound allright. I just download and save on my computer and then listen to them. They don't sound any different then the shows I download off The Succubus Club. It might be your system.
My system is fine :) The Succubus Club actually is a bit better, but not by much.

It's possible I'm too picky for my own good.
All shows are recorded at 44khz/128K and crunched to stream at 48 or 32k. Most voice is tolerable at 11kHz, even 8. They used to be full-blown MP3 quality, but November 2002 made the servers explode under bandwidth issues, which are creeping back into the picture. Most shows are around 20 MB as it is.

I actually hear lower audio quality coming from the Succubus Club. Not sure. The internets is a wacky thing.
Succubus on mp3 doesn't play on my car mp3 player, Showtalkers does. I have no idea what that means, apart from I can listen to Showtalkers on my way to work.

As for sound quality, I find that if I turn up the volume to hear Josh and Eric ok, EJ's voice (at times) can pierce ear-drums and shatter windows. My only complaint :)
Yeah, that may just be her voice, not the MP3. ;)

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