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January 09 2010

(SPOILER) Chris Ryall contributes to the "Who REALLY is Twilight?" debate. The main guy at IDW posts on his blog a teaser cover for a future series.. and makes us wonder whether they are in in the joke.. or not.. ETA: Brian Lynch tweeted earlier "Yes, came up with the idea last night, Franco drew it today. Dude is great. Kudos to Chris and IDW for putting it together".

I'll guess that IDW had made up the teaser art regardless and were originally planning to release it closer to Buffy #33's release date. Very effective teaser, kudos to Urru.
I think I'll just go for the ride at this point. I've been following all Whedonverse comic books, and I didn't really have a vested interested in anyone particular being Twilight, just that it was well planned out, and being Joss, I think 4 years in the making will be enough. I'm just curious to see how IDW and Willingham will bring Angel to be Twilight at a certain point in the future, because that's a given now. They'll have to reconnect with Dark Horse' story.
This is wonderful! I really hope this is a promo for the Spike series! Not that I would mind another comic, but I'm way more excited for the new Spike series than Season 8 by this point. Damn you spoilers who have ruined all my fun!

Summer 2010 sounds far away, but I guess I could hope for late spring, May-ish?
Actually on Twitter,Brian said he came up with this promo last night and Franco drew it today.

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Very cool, double kudos to Urru then. I'll add that news to the entry.
That's quick work, drawing, inking(?)and coloring that fast.

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Thanks, Simon. That throws my thinking in the trash bin. Franco is amazing.

Also, on Twitter as well, Brian says this will tie in with IDW's narrative. We can only hope so.

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Glad Spike is not Twilight. He deserves to move on.
I agree with Skittlefan88, really amazing that Franco managed to do all that in just one night. That's the power of Photoshop/tablet drawing/etc., back in the hand-coloring days something like this would probably have taken closer to a week from start to finish.
Still don't believe any of this is real. Now everyone at Dark Horse AND IDW are laughing at us all for falling for their trick.
I'm gonna wait and see...I don't totally say it's a trick but I don't want to totally say it's real yet either. And yeah I'll be curious to see how it would affect IDW.

I don't think I'll be mad if it is a trick though, because they got us so good.

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I'm going to be hurt and upset if it's a trick. I won't trust Joss ever again. I'm okay with it being Angel, but not about them deceiving us through leaked covers, phony interviews, and fake tweets.
I'm with you Riker. I gotta say I still think this is one massive mind-f*ck. I'm not even gonna jump at the bait. If come the time it is true...then I'll let them dig themselves out of the mess.

If it is true, Whedon and Dark Horse better make sure it doesnt affect IDW, cos that would be hugely unfair to the Angel fans who dont read Buffy, and to the company who publish his story.

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@angeliclestat: Like there are really any Angel fans who don't read Buffy. Isn't that sort of like reading Harry Potter fanfic but not the actual JK Rowling stuff?
I'm not sure that I think it's fair that Dark Horse can give up the Angel franchise and yet they can still use Angel as a major character in their own series. What value, then is the franchise ? I know it's down to contracts and discussions to which we're not privy and that IDW would have known the score, but still. I'm glad that we've had confirmation from Scott Allie that Joss intends to marry up the two series, that reassures me a little but I'm worried what this all might mean for our lead.

I think that this artwork from Franco is awesome. It made me smile on a day when I felt rather nonplussed.
@Storyteller: Nah, it's nothing like that. I'm finally starting to dig the Buffy title again, but I think that the majority of IDW's Angel title has been insanely better than Season Eight. And it's an on-going title that continues from what Joss set up, AND Allie said that this won't affect IDW's continuity... so the story is as valid and counts as much as the Buffy title for me.

This Twilight stuff is exciting. And scary.
@Storyteller: "Like there are really any Angel fans who don't read Buffy." Umm...ya:) For example - me! And 3 of my friends who read the Angel but not the Buffy. There are plenty of Buffy fans who dont read the Angel too.

And no it is not like that at all. And I am not gonna be drawn in the big C debate cos to be honest it is boring and if the Buffy is considered to be more real than the Angel...well give me the Angel anyday!
Like there are really any Angel fans who don't read Buffy. Isn't that sort of like reading Harry Potter fanfic but not the actual JK Rowling stuff?

I read both comics, but not everyone necessarily likes Buffy. I know there were times for me when I felt more connected to the characters in Angel than its parent series, so I don't think it's fair really to compare reading the Angel comics to fanfic (which isn't to say that all fanfic is bad, just not the same as the original work).
I read Angel and Spike comics but not Buffy Storyteller. I know quite a few people who do. I started off reading them both, but stopped enjoying Buffy, so gave it up. Still reading Angel.

Hopefully it won't affect the Angel line, or I can get enough to understand what it going on by reading a synopsis.
Well, I guess Dark Horse can take it as good news that... somehow... there are clearly people who will still be genuinely surprised and confused when Angel is Twilight.

I'm starting to get the feeling there will people reading halfway into Season 9 trying to figure out who Twilight really is, though.
I LIKE the idea of Twilight being Angel/Angel being Twilight, but I can't help but think they're frakking with us to make March's issue an even-bigger surprise. (If we're all expecting Angel, we'll pee ourselves if it's Spike or someone else.)

I really do believe that they are tricking us and laughing at us and enjoying it.

ETA: And having read all of Scott Allie's Slayalive Q&As, I truly believe he'd outright lie to the fans to keep this secret.

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It's them being cheeky because they know that the solicitations for covers hit so far in advance. I don't see it as a reason to get up in arms, it's something comic writers have been doing for a long time (mislead by fake cover solicitation).
Because they're going to such extremes, zeitgeist. And they're having a ball laughing at us. Do you like being the butt of their joke? I don't.
That's a little overdramatic, Riker. It's marketing, and it's smart. Buffy & Angel have devoted, sometimes-obsessive fanbases. This is exactly how you keep them engaged between the issues (this and interviews. The Scott Allie, Georges Jeanty, Joss Whedon, and other Season 8 writer interviews are huge for me). It's not like Dark Horse is breaking some kind of unspoken bond between publisher and customer here.

The mystery of "who is Twilight" is exactly a comic book thing to do. It's done on TV as well, "Who is the man at the top?" and all that, but usually the mystery isn't drawn out for as long as in comic books. They're playing fair, this is a normal sales tactic. If the marketing frustrates you so much, stop looking at at and just read the book, continue to judge the franchise and its creators on the content of the story (we didn't hate on the decisions behind the scenes/the mysteries some seasons provided by focusing too hard on The WB's usually-crappy TV ads back in the day, I see no reason to start with he comics. Especially when Dark Horse seems to know the franchise a lot better than the channel on which the show originated).
I don't think you understand my argument, Kris. I don't have a problem with Angel being Twilight. I don't have a problem with it being revealed early. But everything Dark Horse and Allie have done over the past week has set off red flags. It's one elaborate hoax and they are enjoying making us think it's Angel so we'll be surprised when we read the issue in March.
Okay, cool. As far as I can see, there's nothing wrong with it if it is a hoax (letting fandom get this riled up, heh, is a little nuts...but it's good for their sales, possibly).

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