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January 09 2010

Captain Kirk in the Dollhouse? io9 mix and match the great scifi heroes to evaluate how they would fare in other franchises.

There was a brief, shining moment where I thought this meant there was a guest star coming up in one of the remaining episodes that they had been hiding from us. Sigh.
Can I just say, this is an awesome premise for an article.

The toughest and most essential thing for comedy characters to do is forget that they are in a comedy.

Very well put.

Wookie1972 from the comments section:
Kirk in Dollhouse? It would go down a little like this.

[ edited by brinderwalt on 2010-01-09 22:03 ]
Al Swearengen in Firefly, please.
I always thought the male couple (or, as Tim Minear would put it, the blonde & the brunette) in the Sonic commercials would be great in a Buffy episode....Also, thank you Wookie 1972 & Brinderwalt for the Trek clip! In the future, when I own a video wristwatch, that clip will play in a continuous loop for, like, ever....

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