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January 10 2010

Dollhouse essay contest deadline extended. BenBella Books will now accept submissions until February 15 for their Jane Espenson-edited DH essay collection.

I'm actually kinda tempted to try something. It's a little daunting though, isn't it?
I say go for it, I enjoyed your 8 points in the episode discussion thread. Hopefully the extension will give people a bit more time to include what happens in the finale.
I'm so glad they extended this- with all the twists and turns, it's hard to get much going before we see how it plays out. We could still be Jossifyingly undermined like six or seven more times, what with two whole episodes left...

I agree, you should go for it, William! What's the downside? Time lost to thoughts of Dollhouse? I'm sure that's going to happen anyway. :)
Oh awesome. I love these BenBella books, glad to know they're doing one for Dollhouse.
I have 90 percent of an essay ready to go, but after what happened two days ago, I will have to hold off. I guess BenBella had the same idea.. Thanks, guys
I was gonna say back when this was announced, the deadline would be tight, giving folks only a week or two after the finale to complete and express-ship their essays. And I imagine most folks would want to take the entirety of the show into consideration, before writing or at least before completing their work. 'Cause otherwise, IMO, depending on what you're focusing on, you risk sounding like those fans who pass final judgement on a show before it's finished or only watch half a movie and say that the film completely sucked. Cool that BenBella are extending the deadline.

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