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November 01 2003

New manager, new MissMatch ep for CC Charisma Carpenter has a new and popular manager. Additionally she will play again on the sitcom "Miss Match".

Miss Match is close to being on NBC's chopping block. I wouldn't have a lot of hope for CC's second appearance to ever see the light of day.
Completely off topic but speaking of NBC's chopping block, has "Coupling USA" been officially cancelled yet? I live in the UK and the our version's great, I didn't like the pilot of the NBC version but had decided not to hate the show before seeing an original, NBC written episode.
Coupling isn't officially cancelled yet, but it's pretty damn close. It's being taken off the air during sweeps. It's supposed to come back later, but it's pretty much dead already.
If you're a fan of the original Coupling, you'll hate the American version of it.

And lalaa is right, the chances of Miss Match lasting long enough for this new Charisma episode to show are slim and none, and Slim just left town.
Thanks, looks like I'll have to wait till next year for the next, probably final season of true Coupling. One of the rare benefits of living in the UK is that we don't often get these short-lived US shows to get into knowing there's no chance of more episodes. We got Firefly, but there'd have probably been lots of angry people if we'd been made to wait till 2005 when Universal wants to promote the movie, to get to see the show.
Watched Charisma's appearance on Miss Match...a mis-match...just Cordy all over again, just older. Please, CC, do something that will showcase your range more than playing a self-centered gorgeous shallow bimbette-grown-up.

You--and we--deserve more.
hey, didn't intend to claim it was wonderful news...just saw it and thought whedonesque denizens would be interested as there's been a lot of discussion re CC and her career lately
Where was the information saying "Miss Match" was close to being cancelled? I had heard it was doing well and that NBC had ordered new episodes. I've watched the show and thought it was pretty good but I agree that Charisma Carpenter's role on it seemed to be more of her acting like Cordelia.
blwessels, as a standard order, NBC gave the greenlight to four episodes after the pilot...At least this is fact according to the casting department...

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Okay, I was just curious because the only show I had heard that really was ready for the can was "Coupling" which I had seen and really did think sucked.
Well, today is your lucky day. From what I've seen, NBC has announced Coupling is gone for good. Check the Studio Briefs at

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