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January 10 2010

Six ways Sam Winchester is like Angel. Debbie McDuffee over at Clique Clack lists ways she thinks the two characters are similar.

They may both be broody, but to me that's where the comparison ends.
I've seen better made arguments for that, but the closest character TV has come to recreating a character like Angel is Ryan Atwood on The OC. I'm currently rewatching the show so its on my mind (again) but the jokes about the brooding, the way he protects the people he cares about, the witty banter. They are pretty similar characters in my mind. Not a lot similar, but more comparable than Angel and Sam at least.
I would have gone with the Dean/Angel comparison myself.
Most of the points were pretty lean, but I love that the article counts Cordelia as his true love.
I'm a fan of both Sam and Angel and believe me, this is a TERRIBLE comparison.

I am sick of seeing Sam get the blame for freeing Lucifer. Who broke the first seal? Dean. Who messed with enough of the others and actively worked against the Winchesters? Some of the angels. Who let him out to start the apocalypse? Castiel.

Also, Angel doesn't lose his soul through orgasm. It's a happiness clause, FFS. Sam spent ONE NIGHT with a werewolf, it was no great love story. And he drank the demon blood with good intentions (road to hell) and because of Ruby's encouragement.

Also, if you're not watching 'Supernatural', you really ought to consider it. Even if Sam is NOTHING like Angel!
I agree it's a fairly lean comparison. I have to smile at the brooding though. :)

missb- I think Sam carries the most blame for freeing Lucifer. He knew he was going "darkside" and continued listening to Ruby. Dean was in hell and had no way of knowing he was the first seal. As for Castiel, he came through at the end.
Author also missed the opportunity to compare the fussing over their hair and the serious sideburn abuse.

piggiesfly yay Given that no one seal was more important than the others, I find hard to lay ALL the blame on Sam. We don't know if Sam is aware of what Dean did or if he is unknowingly bearing all the blame. My love for Cas/Misha is pretty well known, but again we don't know if Dean is even aware of him freeing Sam. I'm hoping it all comes up later this season- if this hellatus ever ends!
I'm not laying all the blame on Sam- just most of it. Lilith was the last seal. She was the key to bringing Lucifer back. If he had just slowed down and listened to Dean and Bobby, it might have been avoided. Of course, then we wouldn't have the story in the incredible place it is now.

I may be slightly biased in Castiel's case, but his character can do no wrong since the Den of Inquity.

There seems to be a correlation between the length of Sam's hair and how dark his character goes. It needs to stop. :)
There seems to be a correlation between the length of Sam's hair and how dark his character goes. It needs to stop. :)

But I like the hair (even if it is sorta emo). ;)

Yes Sam does have some blame in the matter, but truth be told, both of the boys were set up (literally from birth). Even if Sam had magically reformed last season, the demons still would have found some way to manipulate them.

I liked the comparisons, even if they weren't that deep. And the broody stuff definitely works for both of them.
Hmmmmm. I've often compared Dean to Riley and Sam to Lindsey. I don't think either of them is really very much like Angel...well, maybe Sam...a little. He does brood quite a bit.
We don't know if Sam is aware of what Dean did or if he is unknowingly bearing all the blame.

Sam is aware that Dean broke the first seal. I cannot recall which episode it was, but Dean mentioned something about it to Sam this season.
Only recently got into Supernatural (just started s3) and really loving it so far!
Supernatural season 4 and 5 are my new loves. I have already seen the s5 eps too many times to count. The show has some pretty brilliant writing. Some clunkers, of course, but some really great stuff.

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Supernatural is wonderful- especially the last few seasons.

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