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January 11 2010

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #32 preview. Courtesy of Newsarama.

Was just about to post
Where'd you get a train?!
Guess Scott wasn't lying about "Buffy has F*&$ing Superpowers"... :)
What, no big reveal?

While this thread is in its infancy: so does the spoiler tag mean people can freely talk about Twilight's identity and I should stay out?
Well, his identity is not mentioned in the preview pages, I'd say anybody who brings it up untagged is kind of a punkass. It says 8.32, not 8.33 or 8.34 or 8.35.

Awesome first few pages. Anybody else find "Dawnie" an odd endearment at this point, though?
I hadn't really thought about, but yeah, the whole lovers thing makes it pretty strange. But I'm enjoying these pages for sure. And what a perfect title!
I like the opening image, too -- the revolver is such a strong symbol of mysteries, of danger, of the highest of stakes. And it's the first thing we see after the word that defines a season -- "Twilight".
There's a #35 thread now which has the Big Twilight Spoiler all over the linked content. Let's keep this thread free of it for those who've managed to remain unspoiled.
Okay, my main problem with the continuity of this series. Buffy Season 7 went off the air in 2003. In Season 8 Xander's sporting an IPhone.

Are they going to be sporting Apple Tablets and 3D TV glasses in Season 9?

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While this thread is in its infancy: so does the spoiler tag mean people can freely talk about Twilight's identity

Seeing as the reveal doesn't happen in this issue then no. Not even with the invisible text. It's too big a spoiler.
Well, it's not a substantive spoiler, but in a recent interview, Allie did reiterate that Season 8 is a substantial (I think was his word) amount of time after Season 7. Guys, all we've ever had was a vague notion from Joss that it's probably a year and a half after, but he NEVER committed the text to any such timeframe. There has not been a single timeline cheat from Season 7 to Season 8, because they've never locked themselves in.
Gracias, Sunfire and Simon.
Maybe it's because I'm a big superhero nut but I'm really digging this testing of Buffy's powers.
I love that they are paying so much straight out homage to Superman with it, too. And, heh, "goonies never say die".
I love these pages. Something about them just feels so much more right than I think pretty much anything we've seen from the past two arcs. Never read anything of Meltzer's before, but ready for him and Whedon to bring this mother home, and hoping that he takes a role in season 9 as well.
. Never read anything of Meltzer's before

He excels at inner dialogue. Can't wait to see how he captures the Scoobies.
Oh, wow. This was delightful. I zoomed through it, loving the dialogue and the art (c'mon guys! Jeanty is delivering for this arc.) and kept clicking. I didn't even realize I'd gotten to the end of the preview until I felt the vast disappointment when the page didn't reload to a new and exciting page.

Loved the homage of "You've got me? Who's got you?"

Fabulous preview. More please.
I've actually read most of Meltzer's comic work which is why I think Joss chose him for this arc.He's so perfect for it.
It feels weird to go back to the ongoing Season 8 story after the big spoiler-reveal advance drama crisis. :-) But I really liked this, and genuinely laughed when I saw Buffy being faster than a speeding bullet.
That was very good.

It looks like Jeanty is really putting a lot of effort into the art and Meltzerís dialogue is on fire. And I love Xander videoing Buffy on his Iphone! Haha.

I love that Dawn is being the sensible one but feel sorry for the girl, she looks like the third wheel.

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