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"Yeah, people are mostly crap."
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November 02 2003

Peter David's Belated Review of 5ADH05 'Life of the Party.' "Here's a thought: Get some clients who AREN'T evil. There has to be SOMEone in Los Angeles who isn't evil. Then again, maybe not."

His West Wing review is spot on.
I've been waiting since Conviction for an episode about the mail guy. Looks like it's coming next week.
Regarding his comment about next week's episode concerning Mexican wrestling, or lucha libre, it's been catching on in popularity. There's that Saturday morning cartoon called "Mucha Lucha" on The WB, and there's a live show called Lucha Va-Voom out here in Los Angeles that's a combination of burlesque, lucha, and midgets that's played to sold-out houses and has even been written up in TIME magazine.

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