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January 11 2010

"I'll be god-damned if I watch a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Pat Rothfuss shares 7 reasons he is a Whedon fan and raffles off some nice collections for Heifer International. You can also donate directly and he will match funds by 50%. Auctions end January 15th. He's basically doing this to introduce people to Joss.

I love Pat. I've been following his blog and Facebook for a while now and I devoured 'The Name of the Wind' in two days (would've been one if I didn't need to lead a, y'know, life ;)). It's my favorite new fantasy novel in years - and I have read a few :). If you like fantasy and haven't read his novel: do. Trust me :).

I also love that Pat's such a big Whedon-fan. He has previously geeked out about Whedon on several occasions on his blog. I've been meaning to get into his Heifer charity stuff for a while, but have so far been lacking funds. Will get around to it eventually though. He has some great stuff up for auction and raffles, and his 'owe you one favor' golden ticket and 'name in the next book' raffles were great ideas and great ways to interact with his fans. The man rocks.
For those playing along at home, this is neither the charity thing that Gossi was referring to, nor the one I was referring to. I guess we just have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to opportunities to get groovy whedon-y stuff for charity! :-)
Good blog entry. The stuff being raffled is very nice too.
This was a fantastic blog. And I too will be pissed until the day I die about the cancelation of Firefly.
I did some editing to point out the blog (which is at least as awesome as those raffle items, if not more so) and include the link to his Heifer donation page.
Pat Rothfuss has a terrific blog and it's one of the few that I make sure to check in with at least a few times each week. This raffle is absolutely incredible with a ton of great books (and now DVD's) and the matching done by Rothfuss. Anyone who hasn't already done so would be well served by reading his novel and contributing if they can afford to.
The Name of the Wind was a fantastic read. When is the next book in the series coming out??
That was really funny! Thanks for linking it. We are a passionate bunch aren't we?
This was a fantastic blog. And I too will be pissed until the day I die about the cancelation of Firefly.

Hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!
catherine: could be awhile. He's still revising the book at the moment. That's the one thing: he's not the fastest writer alive ;). But then again: his prose is much better than average in fantasy (which is part of what drew me in initially), and writing a lengthy novel in which one wants everything to be pitch perfect simply takes time, I guess :). I'm pretty sure the finished product will be worth the wait, though.
Great stuff, I've bookmarked the blog and will definitely check out his book.
Loved the blog. Maybe I should check into this novel of his...
I read In the Name of the Wind after Felicia Day posted a recommendation and enjoyed it very much. I'm also looking forward to the next book in the series. I follow Patrick Rothfuss on Facebook and on his blog and love this post. Sometimes the greatest advocate can be one who was adamantly opposed to the person or works earlier. :)
Yes read the book Shey and Korkster - so entertaining, so well-written, so fun. I love his world. Although I'm dying to read the sequel, I'm glad he's taking his time with it. Don't want a rushed job.
I'd been waiting and checking till Joss's stuff came live. Guess I missed when it did so. Glad someone else was more on the ball.
Oh, that's a cool story. from being anti to being a fan.
I'll donate a few dollars to the cause.
I have no idea who this dude is, but now I have to go check out his stuff at the library. Awesome post.

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