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January 11 2010

(SPOILER) Twilight-gate rumbles on (and on). Bleeding Cool reports on the latest fallout from the Buffy season 8 reveal.

I was under the impression that Whedon could actually use Angel and Spike in the Buffy line whenever he wanted, just that IDW owned the rights to...Angel stories. Ack, confusing.
Angel can guest star in Buffy, and Buffy can guest star in Angel, but IDW can't make a Buffy comic, and Dark Horse can't make an Angel comic. That's the only restriction I know of.
"But I understand there are a few grumbling people on the West Coast right now." - with reference to IDW

Patently false. There is zero negativity coming out of the offices of IDW. Those folks are focusing on telling their story and not worrying too much about the stuff happening with Dark Horse. That Spike artwork was their response to the whole thing and it was a perfect one. Those kids are cool as cucumbers in my book.
I wonder how many hits these Buffy S8 related articles are getting from mis-directed keyword searches and feeds with "vampire" and "twilight."

Those Twi-hards must be going crazy with this whole slew of new "twilight" related articles.
Patently false is the stock in trade of the source material I think -- this is the second completely bogus notion in the past few days, the first being that Dark Horse's sales for Season 8 are somehow dire (they aren't) and therefore a conspiracy to boost them sprang forth.
"Joss sat me down and told me all his ideas. [...], even the ultimate resolution of the series, he had a lot." says Brian Lynch.
If it's true, that the Angel/Twilight-thing was planned for over 4 years, I think Brian must have known at least SOMETHING to let it play well with BtVS season 8. So he doesn't go all crazy and kill Angel off or something.

Patently false

Bleeding Cool is somewhat reliable. Rich does have a good reputation for getting the gossip.
Saying one thing Rich said on one occasion is false doesn't mean I think he is usually wrong or dishonest, Simon. It just happens that, this time around, he's blowing things out of proportion a bit. Were they surprised? Sure! Are they wondering how it's all going to play out? Just about as much as everyone else (including Dark Horse) is. But grumbling? Nah. They are just fine. Promise.

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bitsy- how do you know there is no negativity coming out of that office? I'd like to believe this, but unless you work there, how would you know? Just asking!
I feel kind of weird talking about this stuff like I'm any grand authority. Just trust me that, like Rich, little birdies talk to me and they're chirping that everyone at IDW is alright. Shocked (just like everyone else), but alright.

Did you see that Spike artwork? Take that as more proof that they're really taking it in stride. Of all the things to come out of this debacle, that is by far the best and the funniest.

In my opinion, IDW is handling this whole thing just right. It wasn't their mistake. What do they need to say? Scott and Joss have already confirmed that the IDW books will fit in with what's happening in Season 8. That sounds like good news for IDW to me.
Might actually be worth reading the new interview with Bill Willingham. He's not a happy bunny.
I liked After The Fall (not all of it), but I stopped reading after the end of the arc, because lack of Whedon involvement.
I really don't care if this Twilight thing denies the current IDW series.
I have read that interview and it's important to differentiate between Bill Willingham and IDW. It says right at the top that his opinions are his own and that's really important to remember here, I think. In the midst of a very complicated mess, I'd hate for some peoples' feelings and opinions to be confused with others.
I'll preface this comment by saying that I'm very aware of the difference between Willingham, and IDW at large. However, Willingham is a hired pro, and I doubt if his misgivings are not shared by any of the IDW staff. At all. It's only natural, despite the reassurances that Joss will make it work. That "Spike artwork" as you put it seemed highly reactionary to me too, so I'm inclined to believe that while IDW is taking it in stride (which professionals do), some of their staff and hired pros may be taking more agitated staccato steps than you'd like us all to believe. Anyone affiliated with the company in one way or another is a representative of the company. Including Willingham. He's not "cool as a cucumber". Try a habanero instead.
In my opinion, Bill's decision to say what he did, when he did, and the way he did was kinda hasty and not something I personally would have advised. You might not believe that the IDW staff had a different reaction but, the truth is, they did. The Spike cover was a clever response that would let people know that, yes, they were going to acknowledge it but that, no, they weren't going to let themselves obsess over it. If it seemed reactionary it's because they just found out that their character was the villain in someone else's story so they, you know, reacted.

Willingham might not have reacted that coolly but that doesn't automatically equate to IDW being grumbly. They're trying to figure it all out, just like everyone else. No more, no less.

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