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January 11 2010

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Scott Allie apologises for the Twilight reveal. He explains what happened after the cover art for #34 got seen by the fans. Hopefully this should put an end to the whole affair and we can all move on.

Ok Simon, admit're really Scott Allie. (If not, he certainly addressed your points from the earlier threads nicely)

I guess there's not much more Dark Horse can do in terms of damage control.
I would have hated to have been in Scott's shoes when he read that letter from Georges. I think I would have thrown up. And I've done damage control before and once you go down one route it's very difficult to stop.
i never cared.
i would like to see the dummy covers.

i would guess someone will lose a job.
That's a good letter, good for him. Stuff happens, they did the best they could in the panic and disappointment that arose.

Also: "Twilight’s identity is revealed, but the real meaning of Twilight remains a mystery, and will be a mystery past #33, past #34."

Exactly what I've been saying, 'cept for the specifics of past 33 and 34. :) I think what's going on will prove to be far more awesome than discovering who is behind it. Personally, I think my reaction to the who is the same it would have been in a couple months, so I'm good, just more intrigued.
Well done, Scott.
Yeah. What an utterly horrible position to be in. I feel sorry for him.
As I said on ye old Twitter, Scott's a nice guy and puts up with a lot of shit from a lot of people.
I don't get where the dislike from some parts of the fandom comes from. I think Scott Allie has always been very professional and also very close to this project. I, for one, am very thankful for his continuous hard work. Also, imagine being in his shoes, it's a very shitty job, very well done under these circumstances.
I wouldn't have liked to have had to make that phone call to Joss....
I spoilt something on a Joss show once by accident. I posted those images from Epitaph One back last year, which had been fed to me by (I think) the studio who asked me to postthem - only to get an email from somebody asking me what the hell I was doing after I posted them. That was... bad. Mistakes happen.
I think for once I got something sort of mainly right. Earlier on one of the other threads devoted to this, I said "I would not tell Allie what to do; I simply know what I would do, and that would be to investigate, find out what happened, and then let my readers know how it happened, while apologizing to them for it having had happened. Certainly, Joss and Allie have to know that spoiling this reveal will make some readers unhappy; having unhappy readers in not what they want, and the fandom will erupt over the gaffe. Which is about where they are." This is exactly what Allie has done, and I think it is exactly the right thing to do. I think that in the long run, once the issue was spoiled, hiding it would have been the wrong thing to do because you run the risk of having your fans feel that you have misled them by design; thus, I agree with Joss that moving this forward without recourse to some sort of trickery, as Allie considered in the initial panic, was a good way to proceed. This is simply a spoil; it is not something that has real-world implications (outside of sales kind of stuff), so there is no real point in trying to cover it up once it happened. And I am glad to see him note the clarification on what he was saying RE: the websites picking this up. This is damage control 101 but it is all good work.
*hugs* for Scott and Joss.
I'm sure this has been said a dozen times before, but personally, I don't mind the big reveal. We know less, it seems, than we did before, and we all would have found out anyway -- probably before the issue itself came out.

I just feel bad for those who didn't want to know -- but I know I did. :)
How understanding and forgiving are all of you?! I must be a right b-i-t-c-h as I'm still pretty angry about the whole thing. I do respect Allie's blow by blow account of all the crap he went through though- he must have had a hellish weekend.
That was very, very classy. Kudos to Scott Allie, who was in an incredibly sucky situation. Mistakes happen and that's pretty much that. Here's hoping the moving on happens.
What GVH said. I'd only add that, even with the accidental spoiler, it's not like we know how the story is going to end.
Kudos from me, too, to Scott. They're doing the right thing here, and not trying to make lame-ass excuses shows respect for the readers. Uh, which is us, I guess.

Actually, I wonder if this isn't for the best. The problem with comics is that it takes months and months for the story to move on, and this way, we're not in the danger anymore of increasing what I believe is called the spannungsbogen to the point where it breaks and we just don't care anymore (that happened to me with "Lost" -- wake me when at least some of the questions have been answered and maybe I'll care enough again to rent it on DVD).

Guessing the who was getting boring -- now we can guess the why, and the how, and the what then.
Great write-up by Scott on what happened. I think this is the kind of clear, sincere, and informative info that should have made the rounds last week and could have avoided much angst. And it looks like TPTB recognize this and have owned up to the additional mistakes. Kudos, and hopefully fans upset about it all can put it behind them.
It sucks that things didn't go as planned, but I'm not holding any grudges. Well done, Scott. Apology accepted. :)
OMG, I can't believe I'm late to all this craziness!!! Okay, so let me get this straight. There's an EIGHTH season to Buffy!?
I guess I can let this go.

After all, I used to read spoilers about several seasons before watching the episodes themselves, and I still felt like I was watching a amazing show, and that a few spoilers (which I read to so I could get my fanfic/weird ships fix) couldn't ruin it. I trust that Joss and his team will be able to amaze me with this new arc just as well as they did with episodes.

I just feel sorry for whoever that screwed up with the covers. They'll never get to live this down.
Thank you Scott. Much better handled.
I don't believe any of this, that it was leaked, or that Scott and Joss were surprised, or that this is the actual payoff. That's my way of letting go.
I'm sorry to the people who feel spoiled by this but it's the internet, spoilers are everywhere and it was a mistake. I think the others here are looking at it the right way, 1 question answered just created a lot more interesting questions.
After going through all the stages of grief I'm also ready to let this go. It just took a few days to process this with all the Dollhouse crazy going on in my head at the same time.

Also, I just watched Passion on LOGO and watching it with the idea of Angel-is-Twilight in my head, especially the scene between Buffy and Giles after Buffy had to let Angel get away to save Giles, I'm kinda hoping Buffy kicks Angel's ass, regardless of why he's Twilight ;)
I'm not mad AT anyone (although the whole spoiler warning thing would have been nice). It'll just going take me a while to get over being spoiled period. That said, I am thankful for the apology and I completely understand the position that Scott and the rest of the staff/creators were in. I do not envy them. I'm just sad that I didn't get to enjoy Buffy seasony 8 goodness as it was intended to be enjoyed.
While I still think that posting it on Facebook and Twitter was an incredibly boneheaded move (and without spoiler warnings no less), I do feel bad for him this time, because it seems like it really was done out of sheer panic. No one involved can be feeling very good about it.
I believe him.

I'm glad he addressed the major issue that was bothering me.

Thanks Scott!
Really, this was perfect timing because the past weekor so I was going stir crazy trying to figure out who Twilight is or find anyone with a good guess on the internet or any kind of spoiler, only to be constantly disappointed. This reveal was grea, and makes me excited for the season again. The issues leading up to it will even be enhanced with the knowledge, I think. I even kind of think it would not hurt at all if the audience knew ahead of the characters. I think it would've gived some nice amping up to the Retreat arc if there was a quiet/poignant moment to slip it in somewhere.

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