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January 11 2010

Why Joss Whedon's horror movie will be worth the wait. Bradley Whitford talks about "a fierce, crazy wonderful movie" which is Cabin In The Woods. 1 year, 3 days to go.

Joss stuff is always worth the wait. :)
Uhm... could I PLEASE see this movie the way Goddard & Whedon intended when they filmed the dang thing? Would that be too much to ask? If they wanted the thing to be in 3D they woulda filmed it with that in mind.

This is the same brain dead approach to film marketing that made them colorize The Maltese Falcon. Somebody just punch me. Somebody just put me out of my misery right frikkin now.
Anything with Richard Jenkins in it is okay in my book, so double good here.
It will also likely release in 2D, ZachsMind.
Definitely, Gossi. No worries, ZachsMind, we'll be able to see it 2D.
I don't believe the 3D thing is happening at all. Just not buying it. Not with the condition MGM is in. The company is up for auction and selling off all its bits.
Yeah, I'm worried about the MGM thing too. Doesn't it cost several mil to do a 3D conversion? MGM has no money whatsoever as I understand it. And buyers ain't buying as of yet.
There's no way of knowing what is going on. Hopefully the company gets sold and the new owners can afford to do the 3D conversion.
I don't know if I really like the current 3D technology. It had a couple spectacular scenes in Avatar but overall it made the shots way too busy and was distracting... if course the whole jungle thing made all of it pretty busy anyway. maybe "woods" will be less so.
Yeah, not exactly hopping on the 3D bandwagon either. Avatar was visually spectacular and certainly worth the price of admission to the IMAX theatre, but it was also tiring viewing, since watching the thing slightly off-center or focusing on a part of the screen that was not at that moment the center of action, made me dizzy. To me it still feels too much like a gimmick instead of a way to actually enrich the story creatively - though there's certainly something to be said for films that are filmed specifically for 3D, like Avatar.

So all in all, I will go see this movie in 2D. But the fact that they're willing to stick extra money in it to give it an extra dimension ;) - is, like Whitford says, not a bad sign.

Also: Whitford and Jenkins doing scenes together scripted by Whedon? Kind of very great.
Well, TamaraC would know better than me, but I dunno, with the crazy ways budgets work sometimes. There may very well be dollars allocated for movies that cannot be used for other purposes.

Or hey, Joss is so cool he made the movie under-budget? :)
I think he's been on or under budget on pretty much everything he's made, seem to remember that from an interview sometime.

I thought the 3D worked really well in 'Avatar' (thought in fact that the film itself wouldn't have worked nearly so well without it), didn't have any issues with edges, focusing etc. though my eyes did feel unusually tired at the end of it (moreso than with other similar length movies). And have any 3D films come out that haven't also had a 2D release ? I can't remember any, no idea why they'd start with 'The Cabin in the Woods'.

The company is up for auction and selling off all its bits.

For sale: A prime numbered Dimension, comes pre-capitalised, one very careful owner, possibility of other rolled-up dimensions nearby.
I don't actually know anything about MGMs inner workings or their budgets. My opinion is based in nothing but intuition and reading way too much deadline hollywood.
Oh, how I love Bradley Whitford. Awesome to hear he thought (working on) the movie was cool. Really looking forward to watching it. (This happens every time I read something about it). Too bad the wait is still so long.

Because of some vague reports of fake casting reports a long time ago and because I have stayed miles away from every post tagged as spoilery for this movie for quite some time now - I really want to stay unspoiled - I wasn't even sure anymore Bradley Whitford would actually be in it, so for me, it's really great to finally see that confirmed (wasn't sure about either Richard Jenkins, so that makes it a double yay!). Wonder how Joss experienced working with Bradley. If I recall right, he was quite a big Josh fan too. Wasn't Josh on Joss's even on his list of 25 favorite TV characters, or was that Donna?

I was absolutely blown away by the experience of watching Avatar in 3D (and on an IMAX screen). It might not work for every film, but I'm eager to try it out again. So if I'll have the chance, I'll definitely try to watch Joss's movie in 3D and IMAX too (though I'll most likely try the 2D version too). Shocking to learn I might not have that chance though, as I said, I'm really looking forward to this. Is it at least (reasonably) certain that we'll get to see it in cinema in some form? Nobody's going to just throw away a film that has already been shot, right?
But I don't like horror movies!
Groosalugg - Joss and Whitford are both part of the Wesleyan Mafia, so I feel like that may be at least part of the reason they are working together and/or why Joss took an interest in him. (Just a useless tidbit - I'm a big fan of the school)

And yup - Josh was on his list:
The Wesleyan mafia isn't a real thing, though, is it? Anymore than the gay mafia? I thought it was just a term coined because, for a small liberal arts school, Wesleyan has a lot of successful alums in film. I mean, I'm sure people look out for others they went to school with, but I doubt Joss and, say, Micheal Bay are itching to collaborate. Or Joss, while casting, would think "these two guys are both good for the role, but this one went to Wesleyan! Decision made!"

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3D feels a bit silly, considering CitW is primarily dialogue scene after dialogue scene with a little action thrown in.
3d is still way to gimmicky and cheap for me as well. People are always saying to me go see this or that and will reason with me so what if the story is weak, it's in 3d! Which is nonplus for me but several people seem to believe 3d=better somehow. Not to make too much of this but it feels like another aspect of culture backsliding into bad habits.

Still, Joss on any screen is why it's worth the wait! :)
Yeah by Wesleyan Mafia I just meant "people who graduated from there that now work in the film/television industry." Obviously I wasn't indicating any of the things you said.
I know you probably felt that way, I was just teasing because you said that might be part of the reason why they wanted to work together, which I doubt.
Hmm, let me see. Written by Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon....I'm already terrified! The places those two minds can picture. Can't wait!

No 3D please, the story is enough.

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