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January 11 2010

Nathan Fillion is Super. Our Captain has joined the all-star cast of James Gunn's superhero film. Judging by character description, could his Dr. Horrible role influenced his casting?

That's awesome, although it doesn't sound like Nathan will be wearing the tights (drat).
Gregg Henry, also in the upcoming film, starred alongside Nathan in Slither and also guested on Firefly in "Bushwacked" and on Dollhouse in "Haunted."
Helluva cast + Gunn. How not check out ?
Andre Royo too. Bubbles!!!
Gregg Henry was also in an ep of Castle with Nathan. Those two need to be in a buddy cop movie or something.

Oh, and Super looks insanely awesome. What's with the wacky superhero movies lately - the synopsis is reminding me slightly of the upcoming Kick-Ass.

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