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January 12 2010

The Guardian's top 50 TV dramas of all time. Buffy comes 22nd. "Grief, love, betrayal, nobility, self-indulgence versus self-sacrifice - Buffy gave us all this to think about, and some excellent punning too."

Lists like these are always interesting when you throw British dramas into the mix.

Yep, lots of great Brit dramas in there, love "A Very Peculiar Practice" being in the top 5, one of my 80s faves (Graham Crowden is a legend IMO). Not entirely convinced by their criteria though (so 'Grange Hill' makes all four lists but 'Edge of Darkness' doesn't and is therefore excluded ? Whaaa ?). Can't argue too much with a lot of it though, my order would be different as usual and I doubt i'd have any soaps at all - not a big fan - but a lot of theirs would be mine too.

To call it the greatest modern sci-fi series would be to damn it with faint praise it's so much more.

Oh yeah, thanks Richard Vine, for a second there we forgot that mere sci-fi couldn't be great drama too, it'd have to be something more. Really ? Still ? In 2010 ? Dearie me. Still, he's absolutely spot on in the rest of the BSG blurb, guess i'll forgive him his traditional mainstream press anti-SF snobbery.
Not a horrible list, and it's great to see Buffy included. But I would've liked to see Firefly on the list as well. And if it were up to me, The Wire would've been #1. Although, to be honest, I have to admit that I've only seen a few of the British dramas mentioned.
The L Word is on the list? Really, The L Word? Heh.
I've seen hardly any of the things on that list, but its one of the most interesting lists I've seen. I'm able to appreciate it more than some others around at least.
My wife was recently re-watching is truly sublime.

Do not understand the recent bashing of it that I've seen (in this article and elsewhere.) Still seems letter-perfect to me.

About as good an adaptation of literature as can be imagined.

Was given the book years ago by a Welsh friend of mine, an anti-royalist, socialist, atheist. When I asked why he so strongly recommended the book (which is ardently none of those things) he said, "Because it's the most beautifully written thing I've ever read."

I think he might have even used all caps.
A lot I haven't seen, especially of the British inclusions, so I can't comment overall. But having recently watched all of "The Jewel in the Crown" for the first time, I definitely second having that in there. I think I liked it better than "Brideshead."

However, if were talking British series, where's "I, Claudius"? Is that not considered high drama? (It is trashy but in that high-flown BBC way).
Whoa, barboo, good catch, except I wouldn't call I, Claudius trashy in any way.
I am sort of shocked that The Twilight Zone only got a sentence of a mention.
Chris inVirginia, I meant "trashy" in the good way. You know, murder, incest, poison, kinky sex, more murder, assassination, coup plots, kinkier sex, more poison, more murder, more kinky sex. And possibly my favorite line of dialogue ever, from a prostitute comparing herself to Claudius' wife "the difference between this great lady and myself is that my work is her hobby. My hobby happens to be gardening, for which I don't expect to be paid."
Popsy? I've never heard that term before. Is it a good description of Buffy?
It's a good description of what Buffy appeared to be - a 'popsy' is a young, pretty woman, sometimes with the slight implication that that's all she is.

And yep, slightly surprised not to see 'I,Clavdivs' (sorry, ancient joke ;) on there myself. Also not quite sure how they decided which merited a blurb and which a single line, presumably they just picked a few programmes which appealed to them individually ?

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