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January 12 2010

'Commentary! The Musical': the commentary. Emily Nussbaum comments on 'Dr. Horrible - Commentary! The Musical'.

"(...) and it is indeed extremely silly - but there are also interestingly analytical bits about the current TV environment (..)"

"(...) The best of these is "Heart, Broken," a weirdly powerful ballad in which Joss sings - self-mocking and sincere at once - about his frustration with TV-making in the age of the Internet (..)"

Now we just need to make a musical out of the commentary to 'Commentary! The Musical!'.

It would be awesome.
Actually I've thought about that.

The music of Commentary! is so good that I could envision a stage version that combines the PLOT (movie) with the COMMENTARY. The singers of Commentary would be structurally like the chorus in a Greek drama -- commenting on the plot.

Interesting to consider...
I've never heard of someone listening to "Commentary!" before watching Dr. Horrible. That's too zany! I'm glad they loved it. Good review.
I think she'd seen it, just not on DVD. My impression, anyway.
It is a fantastic piece of work. I hope it gets the recognition it deserves. And Joss does have a great voice.
I'd definitely like to see the resurgence of the Greek chorus, assuming they were treated as characters in their own right in addition to commentating. Some fourth-wall-breaking and all that.

And that "you'd be ignored at Comic-Con" line gets me thinking every time. I mean, my first exposure to Joss was through his commentaries (Who's this person talking who seems to be making a lot of sense? He's the writer you say? And the director too?).

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