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January 12 2010

Musical number from "How I Met Your Mother"'s 100th episode. Always fun to see NPH singing and we get a bit of Alyson Hannigan as well.

I love that he cuts her off (her line was mostly filler after all ;)
I was completely and utterly mesmerised by it. Season 5 has had some less-than-stellar episodes but I think this was sublime through and through. I'd even put it above the quintessential HIMYM: Slap Bet!

Rachel Bilson was beyond fantastic and 'Nothing Suits You Like A Suit' was terrific - I liked it when I heard it originally, but I loved seeing it all in the context of the episode.

AHH! Loved it!
Apologies for not posting the 100th episode discussion yesterday. What with the yet another fandom meltdown, things got a bit distracting.
It's not immediately obvious from looking at it, but that's the same backlot from The Attic (DH and HIMYM both shoot at Fox), and you can totally recognize it in the last big wide shot of the musical number. In my head i had two horribly clashing images in the same space, was kinda fun!
Good call bobw10! I hadn't even noticed. Nice to know there was some joy and happiness on that street before all the death and destruction. :)
The final scene with the crane-up and everyone dancing around in business attire reminded me of the "Mustard" song in OMWF. The musical scene was funny, a little off the top for me, but I was really hoping for more in an 100th episode. I think the musical scene was the only good part (compared to others I've seen).
It reminded me of the Mustard song and choreography as well.
Yes, korkster, me, too! I yelled out, "That's the 'Mustard' song!" to my family as we were watching. Also, thanks, ItsOnlyCody, for the link. I enjoyed it much more on the second viewing, and could catch more of the lyrics.
I'm not really big on sitcoms these days, but that's almost enough to make me watch. It was great to see Allyson and Neil singing and dancing again.
Totally "The Mustard." Even the music was dead similar, what with the timpani drums and all.
I forsook House AND Chuck just to make sure I saw NPH/Barney's song: and it was totally worth it! Awesome (and I also felt they purposely did a bit of 'Mustard' choreography).

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Listened to this a dozen times already!
While I enjoyed the number, it was kind of an abrupt and discombobulating departure/aside, even for HIMYM. It was almost like it was an afterthought, that they had no idea of how to make their 100th episode special so they introduced some artificial 'thing' and forced it into the episode rather than the number being an organic part of the episode.
I am glad they focused on one song and made it a really good musical number, but I would have preferred at least one more short song earlier in the episode since they were calling it a "musical episode" in the promotion of it.
Couldn't marshal have sung more, or maybe Robin?
I don't know how long TWoP will have the HIMYM teaser on its front page, so here is what it said:

Once More Without Feeling

It's HIMYM's 100th episode musical extravaganza. Tim Gunn, Rachel Bilson and the yellow umbrella make guest appearances, as does the mother's very yellow apartment. Luckily, NPH -- at his Broadway best -- gets the mustard out.

(You have to scroll down a bit.)

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Also, in case anyone's interested, the song is available on iTunes. Just search "Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit".
Has everyone seen the making of video that NPH twittered about?
And that's internationally, too. All iTunes stores should have it.
Wonderful episode :)

Did Alyson's hair look a lot redder to anyone else than it has been recently? Or did this happen a while ago and I'm slow to notice?
I definitely noticed it too, Ashley. I looked back and apparently it's been like that all season, but this was the first episode where I really noticed as well.
Bought on iTunes! It was a lovely little musical number, although I do wish that they had more. It was also fun to see Tim Gunn as Barney's tailor. NPH really does a top-notch job of making a character who's a monster, kind of likeable.
I was so distracted, because of barney's t-shirt. "Die neue Wohnung".
translation: "the new apartment".
I used to be obsessed with HIMYM, not so much anymore. It's a shame really, though I liked the little musical number, but I think they should finally reveal who the mother is and add her to the cast to change things up a bit and tell different kind of stories. I am sick of Ted dating this girl and that girl yada-yada-yada.

And while some people say that the show is not called "How I met & fell in love with your mother", the show is also not called "What I Did With My Friends Before I Met Your Mother".

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