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January 12 2010

(SPOILER) Christian Kane's 'Leverage' returns tomorrow night on TNT. The link takes you to an IFmagazine recap of the first half of season two.

I did a review of the first two episodes starting tomorrow from a screener I got ( for SpoilerTV), and my only real complaint is I wish Christian Kane was given more to do besides beat people up. He's a great actor and IMO, greatly underused.
Deanna_Lynne, do you have a link to that?

I think Chris does a wonderful job with the character of Eliot, even if he's not as fleshed-out as the other members of the team may be.
I like his character Elliot. l agree with you he should do more, but l do remember him doing something else in a couple of episodes hopefully they have episodes where Christian could be more than the muscle.
I've only watched the first season. If I tune in tomorrow, will I be completely lost since I didn't see the first half of the second season?
Harmalicious, maybe a little but only because of Sophie. If you don't mind reading general spoilers, the recap has everything you need to know to catch up without going into so much detail that the first half is spoiled completely.
menomegirl: If you don't mind minor spoilers...
Very nice reviews! I enjoyed reading them. Thank you for the link.

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I finally got around to watching the first Season only a couple of weeks ago. I found it very entertaining and will try to catch up on the second Season soon. I don't want to be spoiled though, so for now I'll avoid the link.

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