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January 12 2010

(SPOILER) Want to ask Chris Ryall, the IDW publisher, a question? Given the current state of affairs, Chris has very kindly consented to answer questions from the fans so things can be settled. If you've no idea what's been going on, then best stay away cause of spoilers. Anyhow the best 20 questions will be submitted to him tomorrow. Those who get picked will get a copy of the special "New Year's Eve" cover of Angel #28. So without further ado...

Here's the rules/guidelines:

1) One question per person
2) Post your question in the commments section
3) If you're not registered as a Whedonesque poster, you can email your question to
4) IDW will ship the special cover worldwide

Hi Chris, thanks for doing this.

It appears that you (and all at IDW) were as shocked as all of us at the reveal of Twilight and what it would mean for Angel at IDW (and the fact that you were all kept in the dark even though you publish comics with him as the title character!!!). In the short term (i.e. Bill Willingham's arc) it will of course have no effect. But how do you see this affecting the 'Angel' franchise in the long term, both positively and negatively?


And on a personal note, Angel at IDW has my full support for as long as you publish stories in that verse!
angeliclestat, you wouldn't mind posting this link over at the IDW Angel forum? Everytime I try to register there I seem to mess it up.
I think angeliclestat has very nicely summed up everything I had in mind for a question.
Hi Chris,

I'm wondering how long-term your plans are for the Angel franchise. I know Spike is coming out later this year, and Brian seems to have a general plan for those stories. Some of us believe the reason Dark Horse is insistent this Twilight matter won't affect IDW is because Twilight is perhaps a FUTURE version of Angel.

Do you have a general timeline drawn out for the Angel series, and if so, how far into the future does that reach?

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After the Fall had Joss Whedon's name attached to it, and it's pretty well documented what his involvement was. Bill Willingham recently revealed that Joss has not at all been involved in the current arc. Are the Angel comics still canon beyond After the Fall?
Hey Chris,

Have you spoken to Bill Willingham since his angry letter was sent to Comic Book Resources?His comments have gotten a lot of strong reactions on both sides of the argument from fandom.Have you had a chance to clear the air with him some?

Simon,I just posted this at the IDW Angel forum.

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Cheers for that :).
Hi Chris,

Mr. Willingham stated he has not read the Buffy Season 8 Comics for the purpose of "specifically to avoid being influenced by them." Do you read the Dark Horse comics to maintain a sense of what's going on in the shared universe, even if your side isn't necessarily interacting with the slayery side? My real question is, given the opportunity, would you be interested in a crossover?
Given that the Twlight arc was conceived prior to After the Fall, and Joss' involvment in both, was there ever any discussion of how the two series events might impact on each other? Also, has Joss ever indicated that the events subsequent to AFT are to be considered anything less than canon?
Hi Chris

Great work you guys been doing with the Angelverse, and the recent spoilers sure got all of us a little worried about Angel's franchise. Bill Willingham's comments on this were really coherent but made me a little confused at who exactly has the final word on what happens with the character. Joss is the creator, Bill is the current writer, and Joss' plans don't match Bill's plans at all.

In the past, Joss' involvement with the Buffy and Angel non-canonical comics were of a distant surpervisor, warning the writers of storylines that shouldn't be written, plots that could get in the way of his own plans for future storylines. This seems to be the case with the current Twilight situation. Didn't Joss warned IDW about Twilight? Shouldn't he?? How exactly important is Joss' word about what happens on IDW's Angel series, considering Bill's position?

Keep up the great work
I should point out again that for everyone to get a fair crack of the whip, it's one question per poster. So if you have asked more that one, do indicate which one you want submitted. Otherwise I'll pick.
Mr. Ryall --

To your knowledge or in your opinion, or that of IDW's own legal team, does Dark Horse's use of the Angel character in its Season 8 comic series violate IDW's license agreement for the character and the property in question?

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Hey Chris,

Everyone else has basically covered the Twilight matter, so I was wondering if you could update us on the other Angel/Spike projects IDW is working on. What is the status of books like the Spike/Eddie Hope series Bill Williams mentioned, the non-Lorne John Byrne book, the book that Franco's doing with that awesome Angelus spread, and any other projects you guys are working on?
Hi Chris,

The question that interestes me most, since the whole Twilight thing went down is, was Mr. Allie able to convince you that the reveal of your main hero as their supervillain does indeed not affect the IDW continuity?

And also: Great work on Angel, I enjoyed it a lot so far and am looking forward to the new arc.
Hi Chris,
do you have any information that Spike might be a later 'reveal' for s8 - in particular, I always worry about the poor bloke in Buffy's world so I hope he is not at risk of being used for comic/demonic relief by either Buffy or Angel/Twilight there.
Dear Chris,

During Twilight-gate the people over at Dark Horse once again re-iterated that this had been planned for four years. Have you any intention to create long term plans like that on Angel? (Or Brian's Spike; I can't wait!) Or will you leave things more open to allow the individual writers to create their own plans for their run? (Could you maybe describe how a process like this roughly works?)

PS: Like some of the posters before me, I'm behind the current IDW creative team 100%; I have no doubt that you will make your story match with the continuity of Buffy in some brilliant way, like you did with the Harmony-situation.

It seems like such issues as the recent hoopla are consequences of publishing comics based on existing media franchises.

Do you prefer working with brand-new material or series that already have an established set of characters and the accompanying set of opinionated fans? Why?

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Simon, can I edit/change my question since Joss himself has done spoke to the one I asked?

Do you feel there is an implicit difference between the 'canon'-status of tie-in comics, like your current Angel and Spike lines, and those of "regular" comics like Batman or Spider-Man (which change writers all the time and are still considered canon). And: should there be?

ETR a glaring grammatical error ;)

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If you could be any creature in the animal kingdom, what color would you be?
Thank you, Mr. Ryall, for taking our questions.
Let's play pretend: In case you had been co-writing Season 8 with Joss, who would you have suggested/preferred would be made Twilight, and why?


I hope that counts as one question, otherwise, skip the "and why".

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Fans of many franchises often make a great deal about whether a property is 'canon'. Do you think it matters?
Mr. Ryall,
A lot of people is talking about Angel in the buffyverse, but what about Buffy in the Angelverse? what's your opinion about using characters from Buffy in Angel, in some way or even publish some Buffy story (this might be impossible, but if you coul, would you?). I'm asking this, 'cause some time ago I read that the great Brian Lynch could've pick vampire Buffy for example to turn Angel in a vampire again, that kind of twist are always interesting and it like Twilight being Angel now. Besides the style between DH y IDW is kinda different, so I think the Buffy stories would have another perspective.

Btw congrats for the IDW's position in the ranking of top comics publishers. I'll Keep reading Angel comics while you're on IDW's board =) And greetings to Mariah Huehner, new editor of Angel: Immortality for Dummies and of course, Only Human, she's great too.
I'll trade you my Q for your A:

That is (and to break up the Twilight barrage you're likely answering): Similar to how writers from Buffy (the TV series) have been writing a issue or arc, has IDW tried to track down some ol' Angel writers for a issue or arc? You've done well getting some Actor involvement (e.g. Juliet Landau) but how about some of the scribes of yore. You don't even have to tell us who or when, but even a 'yes' or 'no' would be fantastic - me being the fan and the answer being tastic.

Lastly, and in my serious voice, thank you for playing 20 Questions with us!
Any word on a release date for Brian's new Spike series?
Simon, can I edit/change my question since Joss himself has done spoke to the one I asked?

Not a problem from my end but I think Chris may have already seen your question and answered it.

Are there any plans - or would you consider - releasing a "deluxe" version of After the Fall as one huge hardcover? I think it'd be amazing to have Brian's entire series in one book and there would definitely be an audience for it, especially considering how much effort are put into the beautiful HCs that IDW are putting out. (Chucking in #23 and Spike: After the Fall would just be the cherry on top too =D)
Simon - I had logged off after posting my question last night, so I didnt see your request to post it ad IDWforums. Sorry bout that! I see Buffyfantic did anyway:)
Excellent, questions. Hope I haven't left this too late.


Cordy is dead. Wes is dead. Fred is dead-ish , well Illyira. Lorne is respectfully stepping away and Spike looks like he might be a little preoccupied once a month… Gunn and Connor seem alright though. Despite his new pals and celebrity, I ponder whether Angel might be feeling a little lonesome.
I understand that he now lives in a comic, and well comics have the annoying habit of not allowing people to stay dead.

So basically I’m wondering your opinion on future appearances of these now absent characters? Though I love these characters and I trust IDW, seeing Angel flying around in a mask has got me worried that other comic book tropes might follow him.
Hi Chris,
could you explain the whole situation on the characters? Joss explained in an interview yesterday, that it would be no problem for them to use Buffy-characters like Angel or Wesley, but what's about only-Angel characters like Gunn and Illyria and does your contract strictly forbid any appereance of a Buffy-character in your series or could there be another deal for cameos of some Buffy-characters?
Chris should be sending the answers along in a little while so this thread will be locked tout de suite.

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