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January 12 2010

The Improvised Joss Whedon playing soon in Chicago. It will be at the Gorilla Tango Theater once a week February 7-28. According to this A.V. Club article, it's "a big "what if" scenario in which characters from various Whedon programs ... meet each other."

If that doesn't sound like the best fan thing ever then I don't know what does. I would love to see this.
Damn - why am I all the way over here! I just shouted "Brilliant!" at the screen! Jealous much!
Andrew and Topher meet each other and become very confused.

Fred and Whisky/Dr. Saunders meet, and become way confused. :_)
How about Faith against Jayne, while River watches? That ought to be interesting.

I wish I could get to Chicago; that sounds awesome. I read a fanfic once where Illyria and Spike wound up on the Serenity, so I think that would be one of my choices. Either that, or Dr. Horrible meeting the Troika.
I always thought Spike would make a great space cowboy.

Something about Fred, Bennet, & Willow in a room together plotting tech stuff sounds fun.
Cavemen and astronauts!

In a world without shrimp.

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Echo vs River? "I wonder who's in there..."
What would happen if Xander met Inara?

Would Jayne underestimate Buffy? "She's just a tiny little girl!" (Although you'd think he would have learned after the incident with River, this is Jayne we're talking about.)

If someone called for "Captain!" would Mal and Captain Hammer get annoyed with each other for both answering?
A friend in Chicago sent me the casting call link a few weeks ago, but there's no way I could've auditioned since I live five hours away. Still, I would make the drive to see a performance.
What if Holden, Knox and Tracey met up?

Or Ben met Glory?
Buffy meets Connor. ;)
I work at the Gorilla Tango Theatre! We're all really excited about this show and I think it's gonna turn out great.
If you want to purchase tickets:
Click here and scroll to Improvised Joss Whedon!

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