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"Too much hair!"
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January 13 2010

More Dollhouse props and clothes up for auction. Twelve items this time and they include Echo's dress from 'The Public Eye', Adelle's teapot set, one of Whiskey's dresses from 'Epitaph One' and Bennett's shoes from 'Getting Closer'.

I'd like to have the teapot set, just to pretend to be Adele. I'd invite all my friends over and say stuff like "We can take care of this mess you're in", "I have an offer for you", "you give us your life and we give you your life back." Ha!

I wouldn't mind Tahmoh's suit too, but it wouldn't fit, as he is this huge muscle guy and I'm the skinny opposite of that. But if Tahmoh were to train me, maybe then, do you hear me Tahmoh?

Fran's shoes are too big for me too. :(

The teapot set therefore really would be a thing. Anyone wanna make me a present? This is not pitiful begging, it's just a question. :)
Donnie - I'll come over for tea too then! Want teapot!
I reckon Alpha's suit and Whiskey's white outfit from Epitaph One will be the must haves in future auction.
Weirdly, I own Adelles tea set. Not THE set, but one which looks just like it. Neat.
The tea set is pretty iconic, I'd love it and I don't really even drink tea. I've had the same glassware set that was in Belonging for ages, but they sell those everywhere.

Per usual I'd love any of the outfits/shoes Adelle or Saunders wear, but those women are sooo much taller than me, haha. Summer's dress, perhaps? My birthdays coming up, folks! *that's a lie, it's not
Imagine wearing those iconic outfits, it would almost be like being somebody else for a day. What does that remind me of.hmmm....
"approximate Size 12" says the description about Fran's shoes. It's too much of a risk to buy shoes when I can't try them on first. I fit into 12s or 13s comfortably, but it depends on the shoe. There are too-small 12s and too-roomy 13s. Ah well, those don't really look my style anyway, the idea of wearing someone else's shoes is kinda weird (the suit, less so, especially since it was only worn in one episode and I've bought second hand clothes in the past--whereas the shoes were apparently worn multiple episodes), and they'll probably climb to an unreasonable cost after 6 more days of bids/of people waiting to crazy-bid on the last day.

The suit's something I'd actually use, kinda need a new one anyway, and Tahmoh's the same height as me (6 foot 2 and a half, if his IMDB biography/profile is accurate), the pant length is just right...but the waist is too big. Probably because Tahmoh's thick-in-the-middle from being so built. I's too scrawny for that suit, oh well. In the past I've bought the odd t-shirt that I liked that was a bit too big for me/would look better when worn with more poundage, but I stopped because that sort of motivator for building apparently doesn't work on me. It would be unwise to attempt to bid on this for the same reasons, as tempting as it is...
I'm seriously coveting the tea set. It's way out of my price range, sadly--but I drink tea all the time, and would derive a certain evil glee from pouring tea out of that teapot. :-)

I'd also love to have Adelle's shoes, but they wouldn't come close to fitting. (Bennett's would, but they're not really my style.)
I love Whiskeys dress. And it would be so cool to have that teaset. Shame the bids are so high already.
Wonder who got Echos lovely black suede boots from last weeks auction.
It's nice to see that a beautiful woman has big feet like me :p (size nine). Is it sad that I would bid on these clothes/shoes to wear them, not display them?
Completely random, but who else has the phones that the Dollhouse used in "Echoes"?
I want the teaset. But so does everyone else apparently. Heh.
Summer and I have the same size feet. The rest of her? Would fit in my right pinky.

I'm seriously loving those shoes, but I'm seriously out of money at the moment.
Ooh! I want Mellie's suit!

You'd think they'd use a screenshot of her actually wearing the outfit, though.

Checked the Buffy & Angel auctions - nothing for Angel, but they've got a pair of blue zip-front Bisou Bisou pants worn by Sarah. They don't have the episode or season information, though. Oh...and they're a size 2. I could maybe get one leg in.
Size 12? What, was Topher Krusty the Clown in another life? Unless he's a much taller person that he looks.
Don't remember him being much taller (if at all) than Tahmoh so reasonably big feet for his height (that said, that's a US 12 which is about a UK 11 so not like weird big if he's around the 6 foot mark).

Thought it might be Bennett's terrorist shoes (which were a bit dressier - you never know when you might get pinned under a concrete pillar after all ;) but those are probably truer to her character.
The actors don't even get to keep the chair backs with their names on them? Sheesh.
I'd love the tea set, but waaaaaay outta my price range. :(

Amy Acker's dress.... .O.O I'd so buy that, but I feel they will have something else of her's up that I'd rather have. Like her doctor coat, or something.
Anyone think they'll put Bennett's glasses up for sale? lmao. I'd so buy those. Or her glove/sling...

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