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January 13 2010

(SPOILER) News on IDW's next Angel miniseries. Brian Denham, Angel's current artist, posted this link on his Twitter. It's apparently the covers for the first issue of Angel's past adventures out in April 2010.

rough translation of the text:

"Here some images of Angel: The Barbary Coast, a new series limited in three episodes devoted to past of the vampire created by Joss Whedon, whose first number will be published in April 2010. The first illustration is a signed cover Dan Panosian, the remainder is of Franco Urru, which takes care of the interior boards"

looks really good. I've loved all the comics about Angel/Angelus set in the past. They're really well done.
Great covers. I had seen the Urru one already, but not the other. Am very happy that another 'historical' story is being told. I love those:)
Woah, I dig it. Who is writing?
IDW does some amazing covers. I appreciate some of the more unique ones too, like the ones featuring Illyria-in-true-form and the dragon (would like to see more monsters on the Buffy covers, but aside from Kenny the Thricewise and the odd demon here and there--mostly on the Georges covers--it's just the human-shaped characters).

Angel with longer hair always makes me cringe. The drawings are great, I just can't get over how much he looks like Jackie Estacado (from The Darkness--it's a Top Cow/Image comic) or a beefier version of The Crow. And on the show, the wigs were usually bad.
Does anyone know when this miniseries will be offered for sale? It looks so good and I am tempted to get these issues even though I stopped getting Angel after issue 19. I love the historical arcs.
Del - it's gonna be out this April.

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