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January 13 2010

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #29. It's the second part of the "The Crown Prince Syndrome".

Should be very good. That sixth preview page CBR just put out is truly great.
Cannot wait...

This weekend at my local comic shop is going to be a goodie. This, Last Angel In Hell, the last two Buffys (plus I just got the Doctor Horrible and Sugarshock one-shots, neither of which I'd seen before due to a coal-powered computer)
Wow, I'm sortakinda jealous. "Last Angel" and "Willow" were so damn good.
Ya the preview was excellent. Great work by Denham...that last panel on page 6 was a killer.

Will be getting this 1st chance I get tomorrow.
Looking forward to the issue later today.
Looking forward to the issue later today.
It'll be interesting to see how many people bought this given Willingham's statement on Monday. Me? I've dropped the book cold.
I doubt that that many people will drop the book Riker. I think we over estimate the power of the internet when it comes to sales ( look what happened with Serenity. The online buzz would have you believe it was going to be the bloackbuster of the century!) Most of the people who read the book would not have seen it so its not like only 50 people are going to buy it.

I am continuing to buy because I am enjoying the story and the comic. Those who like it will continue too I have no doubt. You buy for Whedon...some buy for Angel.

But it's your perogative. If Willingham upset you that much fair enough.

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If Chris gets back to us today then there will be ample opportunity to discuss what was said, but for now if we could focus on the story and whether it's a worthy Angel tale then that would be greatly appreciated. If only for the sake of my sanity.
I just wanna know when he's going to get rescued, personally.
This book tackled the negative side of Angel's fame really well. I've noticed that Bill Willingham spends a lot of pages on scenes that could be told a bit more quickly, but I guess he's taking his time to get there since he's the on-going writer and he's in it for the long run. It was a good read.
I think its in 2 more issues Watcher's Pet.
I liked this issue. There seems to be a lot of grounding going on. Giving the characters a solid base. We need that. And given the recent events, the line below was ironic.

Angel: I guess I'm just not the evil overlord type. Not comfortable having minions constantly underfoot, cringing and obeying all the time.

Yeah, I keep hearing how Willingham likes long, super buildy arcs. I think this is that.
Good stuff. I'm glad I didn't go all ballistic and drop the Buffy and Angel comics.

I don't care if Willingham felt the need to blow off some steam - the man can write comics.
Angel: "I guess I'm just not the evil overlord type. Not comfortable having minions constantly underfoot, cringing and obeying all the time."

Hah !

It's mis-direction, of course.
Better than last issue, I just hope he gets the character's voices down in the next couple of months.

I love Fables. It is one of the only comics I have picked up every trade paperback form. I think Willingham is a great pick for this series, praticularly after the disaster that was "Aftermath". My reaction to his big online blow-up was less "anger" and more "frustration." It really sucks when great writers put their foot in their mouth and kind of come off really badly. This is something that is sadly not that rare in the realm of brilliant comic book writers. It sucks if anyone who was unaware of his earlier work got really turned off by that, but it's understandable.

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