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"I could squeeze you until you popped like warm champagne."
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January 13 2010 is open for business! Right now there are just two signed photos to purchase, but apparently more items are coming soon. This is actually legit, Emma herself created it and posted the link on her Twitter account.

From her Twitter account: " kids. I'm unloading loot from past and present. Photos DVDs posters dolls etc. Rock it."

Anya dolls? Cool. Wonder if she'll sell props from the show too.
She's doing the Dance of Capitalist Superiority.
LOL...I read that as and was thinking "stop her from doing what?!?!" have to admit, it's a more provocative name for a web site, though! :)
I read the same thing at first, shiny_. I was like "oooh whats she doing?"
Filter is blocking access to the site, so I'll have to check later.

BUT: Is she selling "Bandwagon" DVDs?

My wife and I are DYING to see it.

Emma, please...

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