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January 13 2010

(SPOILER) Amy Acker spills some beans about the next Dollhouse episode. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Er, headline. More at The TV Addict.

So I guess that Amy won't by in the finale. And the same goes for Miracle and Summer. So was that Fox press release wrong accidently or on purpose?
You've just confused several thousand American Whedonesque users with that subtitle.
I'm so excited for the final two episodes. While there are a few other shows I watch, none of them I watch as religiously as Dollhouse, so how to live after it is over? Joss has to make more television.

It's a bummer if Amy really is only in one more episode, I'm really looking forwards to see what is going to happen.
The same quote is in both articles, but even reading it several times it makes no sense to me. She's trying to not give anything away, and thus it ends up not making any sense. Maybe it will retrospectively?
Hmm... Okay... So, anyone that read my last report on visiting the set (over on .org) knows that there is a clue to something about one of the characters that is available for us all if we just know where to look. I don't know what the clue is, but I know where to look. Now I wonder if the clue is about Whisky/Saunders, because the clue is in regards to something revealed in this week's episode.

If y'all promise to keep whatever you find in this thread, anyone interested in knowing where to look for the clue? Or do you just want to wait a whole 2 days to see the episode? |-)~

Supposedly it's a big thing, so unless you're just that bored and like a good hunt, you may not want to go looking! S'why I haven't.

Gossi, I already told you where to look, huh?

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So, it's Amy, but not necessarily Claire? Hmmm... maybe it's her original personality? Or perhaps she's become a composite like Echo & Alpha? Come to think of it, she did a pretty good job shooting someone in the head who supposedly has *no* background in firearms. My guess is Ultra-Whiskey. Why? Maybe because she's still harping on the #1 stuff. Which would make me think that she hasn't been "Claire" for some time.

What do you guys think?

bobw1o, I want to know where to look! Can you link the .ORG where you describe this "where"??
In the Topher/Claire scenes before (Vows?), Topher said that they could ask Adelle to give Claire back her original personality b/c she had "earned" it. What does Topher know?

I like Korster's comment - maybe Claire's original self is the original co-head of Rossum (so either Boyd or Clyde are out, or are copies of her?). I still think she may be related to Topher somehow, so either she was so distressed by what she was doing that she had Topher wipe her, or the partner had her wiped. If Topher's comment is relevant, does that mean Adelle is really much higher up on the ladder than we think? Note that Caroline wants to kill Adelle in Epitaph 1. What changes with respect to Adelle, and does it relate to Claire? Could Adelle even be the true co-head? My head spins with questions!
Korkster, I have yet to post where to look to any forum, over at (apologies for being lazy and not actually linking) I only first mentioned this clue's existence. Why I haven't pointed to it can be found in that post. Still debating if I should point to at all, but I suppose now that I've said something I'll have to give in eventually... :-)~

I believe the explanation to Claire's skill with the gun would be encompassed within the "sleeper" programing.

And I'd imagine that Claire/Whiskey is a bit to young to have been an original part of Rossum, as the whole programmable/copying people project started in the 80s. This isn't to say she isn't a higher up. Then again, could've been a kid genius!
I wouldn't post it, bobw1o, just 'cos a lot of effort has gone in to trying to keep things under wraps with Dollhouse.
In the Topher/Claire scenes before (Vows?), Topher said that they could ask Adelle to give Claire back her original personality b/c she had "earned" it. What does Topher know?

Well, I think, that by that he simply meant that she has suffered enough pain (emotional as well as physical) due to Dollhouse and was useful for it whether as a doctor or the number one doll for long enough time, so that she deserves to get her freedom, if she chooses to, which she didn't, because she was affraid to lose her Saunders personality.
Post it post it! Maybe start a thread over at .org though. Seems likely to become a small active quest/ongoing discussion.
Hmm... Gossi has me feeling all guilty.

Tell ya what, I'm gonna look for it. If I find it too easily, I'll wait till the episode discussion thread. If I don't find it or it's very difficult I'll give up to 24 hrs notice, which is to say US Pacific coast time, so less than 24 hours for many.

How easy is too easy to post? I guess I'll have to decide, but I feel like even if it takes me till the time it airs that would have been too easy once a bunch of people are looking for it.

And yeah, if I post it, it'll be over at .org, thanks Sunfire.

Gossi, everything else I knew (not much) got out by other means anyway, but since I don't actually know what this is, you're right, I should at least know what I'm doing before I do it!
Awww, I actually was keeping tabs on the number of Acker episodes we'd be getting out of how many Happy Town promised to let her do.

I wonder about that "maybe you're really Caroline" reveal. Did she just throw that out as a random example off the top of her head or at what stage did this really happen? It's an arbitrary twist that I'd love since we'd get to see more of her but once they shot the pilot I couldn't even come up with a way that might make any sense.

I like those theories that the former her once did know Topher though.
bobw1o, do you have your alarm set for 9PM tonight?? Because that's when I expect to see the clue for where to look. I mean, we don't even know what we're looking for, or what the results would be. It's kind of a crazy random search for something that could end up being someone else's keys.

Maybe as we wait, could you just list what has already gotten out there (and has already been discussed on Whedonesque)? While we pass the time. ;)
Alright, so I think I found it. I found it very quickly yesterday, and after a little discussion I've concluded it almost has to be the clue. And if it is the one, it's more of an overt statement, but only if you know that you're looking for it. And it is a pretty big revelation, so i don't want it to get out to everyone. Because of this, I'll not be giving away it's location (or even the general area I knew to look before) though I will post where the clue is in the discussion thread tomorrow. Sorry for opening my big mouth!

As for what's already gotten out, like I said, I didn't know much: I knew that we'd see Victor back in fatigues, though I didn't know the context, so I thought it was more of his history as opposed to his mind, which, arguably...

I also saw a picture in the wardrobe trailer of a particular actor in post-apocalyptic clothing and Shawna swore me to secrecy about (which she also tried to do when I saw Alexis Denisov on set, until I told her I was expecting him to be there cause the internets already knew). Not but 2 days later that spoiler made it here via Ausiello I believe. No one here seemed surprised, everyone seemed to have expected it.

There was one more thing I think, but now I can't remember what it was. And no, I had no idea about last week's huge reveal.

But, has everyone figured out by now where the blood on Fran's face came from in the photos from cake-delivery day? ;-)
Bobw10, I guess we'll find out soon enough! You're right, Whiskey is too young to be the co-head, presumably. Wild speculation: maybe she is Clyde's daughter & Topher is either her brother/Clyde's son, or otherwise has some very close history. But in any case, I hope Whiskey gets her original personality back in this week's episode and we learn more about the backstory. Maybe her backstory ties to Caroline's time gap as well? We know that in Epitaph 1, Caroline expects her to be Dr. Saunders, and in fact she is the doll Whiskey. Maybe she is so pained by learning her past and/or killing Bennett that she destroys her original personality wedge and then wipes herself, returning to "Whiskey" state and bringing Topher that much closer to his Epitaph 1 breakdown. Edit to add: Based on Minear's semi-evasiveness about killing Bennett, I wonder if there is a further tie between her and Bennett that we will learn.

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Two more hours, bobw1o!
Rewatching Vows and there might be a clue in the Topher/Saunders scene. At least, Saunders said something and I went "Wait! Maybe...." I will be interested to see if I'm right. Certainly, with hindsight there were mini clues about Perrin from Boyd in that episode.

Although bobw10's clue is in Getting Closer, is it not? Maybe I should just go and rewatch that...
bobw1o, it's officially January 15, 2010. Where's the clue-age??

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