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January 13 2010

Beth Grant tells a short li'l story about Joss. In the A.V. Club's Random Roles column, Beth Grant (Ghost Mom in Angel's"Rm w/a Vu") tells a little story about a meeting she had with Joss (interestingly enough, for something not-Angel). Scroll down to the section about Speed to read.

And a little further down, she talks about her experience on Angel.

That was delightful. I loved her "Buddy" stories.
No mention of Marianne Marie Beattle? Shame.
Ahaha, that's great! I need to go back and read the whole thing- I love "I sometimes doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion" so much... Beth Grant is such a talent.
ETA: Whoops, double post...

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Awwww. Marianne Marie Beattle. I miss both of those shows so much!
It's always a pleasure to see Beth Grant in anything.
What a fun read. I would LOVE to see her do Lady Macbeth that way.
I really enjoyed that interview since it was a little weird to me to hear her talk about all these people so glowingly given so many of her roles. Then you had to go and point out Marianne Marie Beattle and seriously, that just crushes me now since I'm so curious.

I really wonder what it must have been like to end up playing the same character across two different series and whether or not the character really changed between Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies. Whether the fact she became less sympathetic or being in the heightened world of the latter where she wore a bonnet with a buffalo in it... (Also the fact that Bryan Fuller or whomever enjoyed her one-episode role enough to deal with presumably the legal baggage of getting a character used in a presumably Fox property into an ABC show made by Warner Brothers.)

Then again it was interesting that they also brought up her one-off role in an episode of Angel. I wonder who or what she was talking about regarding the other Whedon thing that wasn't Angel or Speed.
She was the woman who got hit by a car in Six Feet Under, because a truck load of life sized inflated sex toy 'mannequins' got loose and were floating everywhere - so she thought it was the rapture?

My favorite ever Six Feet Under opening. :)
Embarassingly, whenever I see her in something, the first thing I think of is her from a very, very early episode of Friends...

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