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"How's it sit? Pretty cunning, don'tchya think?"
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November 02 2003

Uberb*tch Funny how Whedon lingo still roams and probably will forever.

I love when I catch Whedon lingo on other tv shows. On Niptuck the teenage son was staring at his ex and she looked at him and said "stalk much?!" and on Stargate SG1 one character commenting on the physical attraction between two other characters said that they had great "sparkage".
And I also heard the infamous "cookie dough" analogy on TLC's Date Patrol.
on the main page of Blogger, the halloween post says "Grr! Argh!" tee hee
I actually heard an NPR reporter use the word "snarky" in a news report the other day.
re: jenguin's post...i miss gordon *sigh*

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