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January 13 2010

Christian Kane Opens New Website. Launch comes just in time for the return of Leverage tonight on TNT. Some of the photos used on the new site was taken by his co-star Beth Riesgraf.

Hubby got me hooked on this show. Love it.
I had no idea that Beth Riesgraf was a photographer until the other day.

The site looks really good. They kept the Bronze Beta link and the new episode starts in about 30 minutes.

I'm good.

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In case anyone else loves his music...

I've listened to the version on the site, and the version I have, and that's definitely a new version of The House Rules.

Better produced, amped-up.

Hopefully a sign he's getting on with the long-overdue solo album :)
Yes, that's definitely a new version of The House Rules.
It's Beth Riesgraf. Just FYI.
Nice looking site - but personally I prefer the old version of 'House Rules'
Anything with pics of Christian Kane is OK by me. ;) I love his voice but I'm not really into C&W - so the music, not so much.

Good to have Leverage back. I hope it's more like season 1, I thought season 2 was a little by-the-numbers.
I misspelled Beth's name? I can't believe I did that. *facepalm* Yesterday was a long day, dude.
Either that free mp3 download is gone, or I'm a total idiot. Where are you getting the new version of House Rules?
On the lower right-hand corner, there should be a small banner that says "Free Music Here". Click that then put your email addy in the box that opens, hit submit and wait for the email in your inbox.

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