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January 13 2010

Sarah Paulson Makes An Appearance on Law & Order: SVU. Our favorite reaver-eaten scientist appears tonight and in the repeated episode on the 23rd.

I thought she looked familiar! Twisted episode tonight.
This may well end up deleted, but I thought I'd leave it up for instructional purposes in the meantime. First, if you're posting a link about an actor from a Whedon show, the appropriate category is "Cast&Crew." Second, linking to a general IMDB page is not usually a front page-worthy link. We prefer a little more meat on those news bones. Third, it would be helpful to write a more descriptive title than simply the name of the actor - I've amended it to illustrate. Thanks.
Is she playing the same role as the one she played way back in 1994 on the original L&O ? Guessing not, the way L&O goes about reusing actors.

I never got to see the re-do of Cupid that she was in, with Bobby Cannavale (they're both two actors that've played multiple characters that I've had fanboy crushes on). It got canned just like the previous incarnation that starred Jeremy Piven.

My usual, "She was great in her scene in Serenity, first saw her as one of the leads in the fantasy/horror series American Gothic, enjoyed her in Studio 60 lots too. Lotta fun as part of the quartet in Down with Love as well (alongside Ewan McGregor, David Hyde Pierce, and Renee Zellweger--anyone else enjoy that one?)" Plus Deadwood ! Almost forgot about her role as Miss Isringhausen. What started out as a seemingly throwaway appearance...
If we want a L&O re-use with a Firefly connection, we need Jubal Early (Richard Brooks) to be confused if he was a lawyer (L&O) or a cop (movie "The Hidden").

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