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January 14 2010

Felicia Day talks about her new Guild comic book. She also reveals that, "While a fourth season of "The Guild" has not yet been picked up by Microsoft," she is "in the process of planning storylines".

Dear Microsoft, please get off your arses and offer Felicia a bucket load of money for another season of The Guild. She's an incredible talent.
Oh man, those covers look AMAZING. I will be requesting the ensemble covers. They're so cool! I'm really looking forward to this comic.
And cue the "comic book artists/boobs" debate. Well, I say debate, but... ;)
Well, if need be, we could always go back to PayPallin' it. But yeah, I don't know why they're taking their sweet time green-lighting Season 4. *humf*
Fan campaign needed?
Well the third season was ordered in May of last year so I wouldn't go campaigning just yet.
Felicia should hold out until they (or somebold else) makes a great offer. It's the second biggest online franchise after Dr Horrible in my book.
With how NBC's version of "Epitaph One" (aka The Tonight Show) mucking things up, maybe Conan O'Brien could appear on the Guild as Codex's quirky brother.
Then again, that's a great idea all by itself. That should get Microsoft thinking
Somebody needs to pick up season 4. "The Guild" is awesome. It's a show my whole family enjoys, even though only our kids are avid gamers.

Regarding the Guild's future episodes, as Zaboo once said watching his former girlfriend Riley get comfy with an enemy female gamer Venom, I'm "SUBSCRIBED!" :-)

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She doesn't actually need them to do a 4th season though right?
Strictly speaking she doesn't need them (she started work on S2 before a deal was in place). However the deal has greatly helped her increase the production value and scale of the show. I'm sure she would like to maintain and build on that, rather than backslide to a lower-budget.

Plus, if anybody in the biz deserves a decent paycheck, it's her. Seriously.

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