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January 14 2010

Throne of the Slayer Maquette available for pre-order. The exclusive has an extra scythe.

$240? Really? Good luck with that.
I'm all about them doing what they're doing, but is it wrong of me to say I might pay $5 for that if it made a good doorstop? |-)~
Whose throne is that?
Maybe it's just me, but her boobs seem weird (especially in the picture with the scythe). They look awkward.

I think they did a great job with her face, though. That's about the only positive I can think of.
For a 5.9kg painted sculpture thingy, the price is not surprising. Search around for pewter dragons or whatever of a similar size. But yeah, I'm not running out to buy one either.
I just want the Scythe.

Sorry, but...she doesn't really look like Buffy/Sarah. The pose is strange (I do like the down-angle shot of her face, though.) and I don't get the whole "throne of the Slayer" thing.

Ah well. If folks have that kinda money, and dig it, good on them.
I'd totally get that if it was a garage kit at 10% of that price. The hair is totally not Buffy, and the face is totally wah-wah. Compare to this.
That is very disappointing.

It's been a long time since I've made a foolhardy Buffy purchase and was looking forward to this set of statues.

I can get past the price, I even quite liked the throne, but that's simply not Sarah/Buffy.

I bought the animated style series (even though you could question likeness there), unfortunately this is just taking artistic license too far.
It's a bit silly for them to be making maquettes of stuff that never happened in the show.
The exclusive is sold out. I'm lucky I got there early.

I suspect many orders, like mine, might be cancelled further on. I'm still not a 100 per cent sure if I want her, but it usually takes a while for me to fall in love with a collectible, and just in case I do, I have her on order. I won't have to decide for months.

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I agree with MattManic7325, I don't see the point in spending a lot of $ for a sculpture that represents nothing that ever happened on the show. But I love the scythe.
I LOVE it. I really want it.
The 'throne of the slayer' thing is silly; and the entire thing looks a bit too Boris Vallejo to me. But if others like it, that's fine too :).
Is anyone else getting a Conan vibe from this? ("...and Buffy wore her crown upon a troubled brow...")

I love the throne, but the face doesn't work for me. Now if they get Willow's face right, I am in trouble.
Didn't Buffy have a dream in Season 8 where she sees a monster saying "The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen." This statue could be a reference to that: Buffy as Queen to a race of Slayers, poised to take over the world. Perhaps that is the future that Twilight fears.
Irrelevant throne, poor likeness, and so It's an easy miss for me I'm afraid. Disappointed. Do the people who work at Sideshow even have a grasp of what this shows all about?

Oh well, at least their first attempt at something like this actually looked like her.
I don't think much of the new one, but this link just made me buy the "End of Days" Buffy... so, I guess thank you? :)

It'll replace my "Once More, With Feeling" Buffy action figure which now sits at the top of my Joss Whedon/Nicole Kidman shrine.
I agree JessicaMelusine, I can't find a picture of it right now, but it does look a lot like the throne from Conan The Destroyer if I am remembering properly. The description is very Conan though.

I think Buffy's "throne" would be more pink, with a built in sound system.
"I think Buffy's "throne" would be more pink, with a built in sound system."

You made me smile, Jayne's hat.
On second thoughts wouldn't it be amazing for this to be an early spoiler for Season 8? The cover of issue #36, Buffy sitting on the Throne of the Slayer. That'd be a nice shock.
I know I'm deranged, but I would totally consider buying it if I hadn't recently spent about 700 dollars on one of the few remaining full-size scythe replicas (and shipping the beast to Sweden). It would be inspiring to have Buffy sitting on my desk, glaring from her throne.
OldSwede, out of curiosity, how much did shipping cost?

I do want one hanging on my wall some day, but shipping to Sweden is usually a bitcha when it comes to big collectibles.
That price doesn't seem that excessive compared to what some anime fans/friends buy, but looking at that model from all different angles there is something very slightly Sarah in her, but I think they've made her bulkier than need be and the cheek (and shoulder) bones seem wrong...

...I've concluded after many hours of investigation that the eyes and the eyes only are the only likeness to our One And Only.
So I wander over to Sideshow to place my order (for the exclusive version) and it's sold out!

Placed my name on the waiting list - I want the scythe!
Tch. The Fandom is expensive. I knew I should have bought that Buffy/Angel Motion Globe from Amends when I had the chance. It was less spendy.
Tonya J, didn't that globe get cancelled? The snow globe?
@skytteflickan88: The shipping was about 100 dollars express. There are sometimes (slightly) cheaper options, but I wanted a safe shipping because I know there have been trouble in customs for some. I tried ordering the scythe from several places claiming they had it for about USD240, but in fact they didn't, so in the end I had to buy it on ebay - but unopened in the original packaging.

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Tack för svaret :)
Ingen orsak :)
Skytteflickan88, yeah, the Snow Globe was like a couple years ago now I think. I look for it on eBay occasionally but so far no luck. Funnily enough, after I read this topic I went on eBay out of curiosity to see what Buffy items might be available and found something I made an offer on that would mean a lot to me, as I've never found any Buffy memorabilia/props, etc. I liked which I could afford. We'll see.

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