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November 03 2003

Gaiman prefers Whedon for Sandman film Neil Gaiman, author of many things wonderful, answers a question on the possibility of the Sandman movie, and mentions Joss (scroll down to question 9).

Wow, if we got Neil Gaiman and Joss Whedon working together... Between that and Trilogy Tuesday, this fanboy could die happy.
Points to Neil for getting Joss' name right when the guy asking the question misspelled it. I've never read his opinion on Buffy or anything whedonesque - should probably do a search of his journal archives and see what turns up. Nice link.
Title is a bit misleading. Neil didn't say anything about his opinion of, or his preference for, Joss Whedon. Although I'd imagine they'd get along really well and would create some awesome fiction. He knows who Joss is though, that's a plus.
Okay, Neil has been my literary GOD for decades now, and in my opinion the worst thing he's ever written is better than 95% of anything else ever published. Which sort of mirrors my feelings about Joss... despite that fact that Joss bugs the crap out of me far more often than Neil.

Just the thought of these two collaborating gives me goosebumps. I'll be sure to sacrifice an extra Krispy Kreme tonight as I fervently pray for the proper astronomical alignments.

And ringworm, I too noticed that the title here was pretty misleading. But just the fact that Neil seems aware of Joss (aware enough to know he's busy) is a good sign.
"Just the thought of these two collaborating gives me goosebumps."

Ditto. Ones excellent with dialogue, the others a master of complex plot. How can they go wrong? ;)

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it's ridiculous how ecstatic i am about this prospect...thanks tmhsiao

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