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January 15 2010

Joss Whedon says "Goodbye" to the Dollhouse. The latest part of Comic Book Resource's interview with Joss.

Though it's not set up as a Q & A like the other parts.
Also on CBR is a story about Kitty Pryde's return to the X-Men, which includes some mention of Joss, but not solely just mentioning his being responsible for her departure in Astonishing X-Men.

A Dollhouse comic would be "a waste of time"? And he's not over-hyping the finale, just saying "I like it". So the future of Dollhouse is strictly limited to just these next two hours, for sure.
I absolutely don't want a Dollhouse comic. This is one story I want to live swimming around my mind on its own. Regarding Epitaph Two, I speak about it here.

I think the talent on Dollhouse was staggering. And I really mean that. There were so many crazy talented writers and actors on Dollhouse I don't even know where to begin. I know that sounds like a DVD special feature interview response, but I really love the guys and girls who worked on this show.

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I think the talent on Dollhouse was staggering. And I really mean that. There were so many crazy talented writers and actors on Dollhouse I don't even know where to begin.

I, for one, am very much looking forward to seeing many of these new (at least to me) talents popping up in my future media consumption - whether it be in new Joss shows or something else.

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Totally. If Enver isn't the lead on a pilot this year and Joss doesn't get a Fray movie off the ground with Dichen as Fray, Hollywood has failed.
Fray movie, Dichen as Fray? Huh, what, huh? Gossi - Is this your idea or is there something a brewing?
I think a Dollhouse novel would work better than a comic book. Mainly because it's the only medium Joss hasn't done yet.
I would love a Dollhouse comic. I'm not into comics but it's one I'd definitely read. Shame it won't happen.
A comic book would help fill in what happened during the breakneck speed of season 2. Can you imagine Lost or Babylon 5 compressed into 26 episodes? I'd like to know more about the bits the writers wanted to show but couldn't.
CBR article said:
" this season will see its full run aired in order"

If they'd left out those last two words, they'd be right. Due to "Belle Chose" and "Instinct" getting swapped for position as second and third eps of Season 2 though (and it being noticeable when you watch the Echo/Paul scenes in "Belle Chose"), we didn't get quite a perfect score this year. But still, all the episodes airing is big and making it to a second season in the first place was huge.

Is the week delay for the finale and the resulting need to reschedule their Fridays maybe a good opportunity for Fox to air "Epitaph 1" the hour before "Epitaph 2" ? I know, there's no profit in it and we're lucky enough with what we got, but it'd be cool (and nice for the viewers who either don't know it exists or haven't got around to renting the DVD/blu).

Glad Joss just said he "likes" the last episode. Maybe he feels more strongly about it than that, maybe he adores it, but it's wise to not oversell and he's pretty good about that (he might occasionally mention when big things are coming up, but I don't recall him very often being all, "Oh my god guys, can't wait for you to see this next one, it's our best yet!"

Cool to see Joss is willing to revisit old projects when he has an idea he needs to get out there (like with Buffy Season 8), but I'm happier to see how eager he sounds in this interview to move on and try new things. If I had to choose (even though he seems to find time for Buffy Season 8 and TV/filmed projects), I'd take a new Joss show, movie, or internet venture and kill the Buffy comic, much as I enjoy it. Or maybe trust it to a select few Mutant Enemy writers to continue on...maybe. Would love to see a Tim Minear Buffy arc.

"but for me to spend the amount of time it would take keeping the comic true to what's already out there when I'm already doing that with 'Buffy' would be a ridiculous waste of my time. And ultimately that would net me a piece of something that belongs to Fox."

We already know this because he often mentions how stretched thin he is over his various projects, not enough time, but take this comment about potential Dollhouse comics and apply it to Angel and it's likely there's his answer about contributing more to IDW's line too (huge props for him helping launch IDW's ongoing with Lynch though). Though of course he could dip in and out of the IDW line if he has an idea that might translate well into a mini-series or complement the main ongoing story. He can't watch all the adaptations of his stuff in comics and have the time to make new stuff as well, it sounds like he'd rather go for the new. If there were three of him and at least two of the Josses weren't evil and thought along the same lines, he'd/they'd probably write more Angel.

Simon, me too. I figure we'll get that info after the series finale and, unlike with Firefly (where Joss kept a lot of things secret, even after the big screen film, due to wanting the chance to reveal/explore more in comics), because he doesn't sound interested in adaptations for Dollhouse, we might get some big chunks of info about how Seasons 3 to 5 may've looked. It might even not be so much what we missed out on for those remaining three seasons, but what was rolled into Season 2 vs. where it would've been placed later on, with Joss and the other writers hopefully filling in some of the gaps/telling us what would've been elaborated on, which characters would've maybe gotten more screen time/development/back story (Dominic ! I so wanted the inevitable Dominic-at-NSA-as-he-prepares-to-infiltrate-Dollhouse ep).

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Joss and Tim swapped eps 2 and 3 around, just FYI.
Yeah, I remember. It was due to considerations about momentum/network concerns though, wasn't it ? Either way, hopefully they'll be switched back on the DVD/blu. It'll flow properly, not that the progression within the Echo/Ballard scenes was a dealbreaker for understanding plot and feeling the arc.
"... and Joss doesn't get a Fray movie off the ground with Dichen as Fray, Hollywood has failed."


Make this happen Powers that Be, I command it!

So speaks Pharaoh....
I still prefer Dichen as Yogami.

Seriously, I like Joss's attitude on this. This feels like an easily closeable 'verse, and he's doing so, and trying to do so with as much elan as he can muster. Besides, the long-term choices are either to end up in the world of Epitaph One, which is highly depressing, or do a re-boot like in FutureKitty visiting the 1979 X-men to keep the Brotherhood from killing the Senator, which would feel like a cop-out.
Who's Yogami ? Heh, are you again making references to fanfic characters of yours that very few people on this board will get ? (not said in a mean tone man, just curious--is there a Tibetan/Asian-looking Slayer from Season 8 or Potential from Season 7 that I've forgotten who was named Yogami? Oh, and also, for all I know, tons of Whedonesquers get your reference 'cause maybe lots of them are reading your fic)
If Joss is going to do a movie based on fanfic, then my vote is The Masked Roger with Alexis Denisof in the lead, and a supporting cast of Tahmoh, Nathan, Felicia, Alyson, and special guest appearances by NPH and Summer.

Umm, not that I've spent a lot of time thinking about this or anything.

(Joss, call me)
Now I'm getting images of a Joss Whedon buddy cop/detective show on USA starring Alexis and Enver! :)
If they ever do decide to do a comic, it should be sometime in the future, after the series has had the chance to become a cult hit on DVD.
Gossi, any spoilers on what you say about Epitaph: Two or the Hollow Men? I'm interested in seeing what you have to say, but especially with only two episodes left I want to keep myself unspoiled.
I was thinking of a buddy cop show starring Tahmoh Penikett and Mark Lutz, aka Groo from Angel. Joss should do that before Jerry Bruckheimer does.
I really wanna give him a hug right now, that interview read so sad.
I love Dollhouse but if Joss is ready to close the book after the next two episodes so am I. It's been a fantastic journey and it has ended to soon but regardless I am breathlessly waiting for that end.
I'm happy that Dollhouse is getting a closing. I'll then have a lovely two seasons of dvds to rewatch any time and get a great complete story in 26 episodes. It may have been relatively short lived, but in that short life it has become extraordinarily brilliant, and will continue to give us much to think about and delve into time and again as we rewatch Dollhouse. I have a feeling this series, like Firefly before it, will become far more popular in its afterlife than it ever was during life.
Anyone wonder if Joss will end up guest writing or directing on Caprica at some point?

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