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January 15 2010

Jackie Kessler talks more about her Buffy Season 8 webcomic. The first part of 'Tales of the Vampires: Carpe Noctem' was previewed last week. And the second part will be appear at the MySpace Dark Horse Presents site on February 3rd.

Kessler said:
"I started watching Buffy in the middle of its third season, and then I had to try to catch the previous seasons. (Thank God for the cable channel that ran the episodes every afternoon!) I fell in love with it — especially with season two. Man, talk about pre-marital sex having consequences…"

Me: *groan*

Edited to add:

In the comics, Buffy has an experimental experience with a Japanese slayer called Satsu, What do you think of that?

Jackie: "You know what? Buffy deserves whatever pleasure she can get for herself, in whatever quiet moments she has. Man, woman, vampire…let her take what she can get."

I should always finish reading the article/watching the episode before I post/judge.

Guess I can't know for sure what she meant with that comment about pre-marital sex. Though someone should tell her that Joss has shot down that theory of what Angel's turn in "Surprise/Innocence" was a metaphor for. It was more about girl-gets-guy, girl-experiences-guy-acting-different/acting-like-an-asshole-after-he's-gotten-what-he-wanted.

I just posted this in the week-old thread about the first 8 pages of her comic, but it won't be seen, so:

That was actually kinda cool. Loved the art (Paul Lee!). Writing's solid. Yeah, it's a little True Blood, this vamp sounds like some of the ones on that who aren't on board with "mainstreaming".

Heh, vampiredom's evilness ruined by reality TV.

Even if the second part adds nothing insightful to how vampires are currently behaving and reacting to life post-Harmony (and this first part at least does show us that some seem to be okay with having to mainstream as a price for not having to hide anymore), it should at least be a fun bit of extra color added to Season 8.

And thank-you to the author for being so modest and honest about the canon status (I'm pretty sure at the very least, it would always have Scott Allie's seal of approval). There is absolutely no reason this can't be a part of Season 8 so far. It is, in my mind, even feels more "there" than the previous Tales of the Vampires one-shot.

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