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January 15 2010

(SPOILER) Preview for the final episode of Dollhouse: 2x13 Epitaph two. Looks like a pretty amazing final episode!

I broke my own rule and watched when it aired (I watched one other time this season too, for the ep that aired tonight. It was so full of misdirection, things played out much differently than I had guessed). It's super-spoilery. At least as far as...what it will likely mostly be about. Don't watch, those on the fence !

That's what I get for watching the Fox feed. They're right at the end of the episodes, so they're too tempting to pass up. The Global airing, an hour earlier, has no trailers for this show (they do for certain other ones).
I wish I hadn't watched this. Was hoping for tantalizing and got "Here's how we are going to end it."

Nonetheless, I have high hopes.
There's a better quality version here.
^ Thanks MattManic7325
Link has been updated to better quality version.
Anyone know the song at the end of the trailer? It sounds familiar.
Does this mean it's still airing next week, only earlier?
in two weeks.
I didn't really think it was that spoilery. They left out all the good bits that I want to see, like how they're going to connect the two Epitaphs (particularly the flashback/forwards from One).
I wonder why it's airing earlier. What's it a lead-in for?
Does it lead into Spartacus? Seems like I heard that, not sure.
Have they given Eliza a bit of grey in her hair to acknowledge the 10 years later?
eyes of the world: When it was still being broadcast next friday at 9, it would have been shown before Spartacus (which is on Starz, not Fox). As Dollhouse has been moved back this is no longer the case.
Yeah, what's with the Rogue hair? Not that I don't like, I guess. I think Adelle's grayish too. The others look the same, from what I can see from the whopping 30 seconds of footage. :)

Looks interesting... T-minus 13 days.
It's now leading into Kitchen Nightmares (from Futon Critic):

Friday, January 29 (FOX)
8:00/7:00c - "Dollhouse" (Series Finale, Moved from January 22 at 9:00/8:00c)
9:00/8:00c - "Kitchen Nightmares" (Time Slot Premiere)
For those who noticed that the FOX Dollhouse site had the wrong time listed for the finale, it's fixed now.

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