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January 16 2010

Dollhouse Season 1 DVD and Blu-ray is Amazon's Deal of the Day. That's $17.99 for the DVD and $25.49 for the Blu-ray.

Bought. My only hesitation was the possibility that a "complete series" box set might come out (since both seasons are short).
They did that for Tru Calling but I think it took them three years after the season 2 boxset came out.
Fox seems to love selling multiple season packages these days so I think it won't take them too long.
I would get this but I already own 2 standard sets and a blu ray set and a digital set.

I'm kind of a big fan.
Typical! I only finally got round to buying the dvd set this week! Looks like the blu-ray set too now! :D
Bought! Thanks for the heads up :) Now I've got our upcoming wedding anniversary covered (2-7), and we'd just recently gotten a PS3 for blu rays so we're still in awe over the quality. This is gonna be a real treat!
Picked some up for gifts. Although, only one out of the seven people I gave Firefly/Serenity/Dr. Horrible to back in October have even started watching any of those.
Finally bought it! Great deal.
I wonder if it was just a timely coincidence that this offer happened the day after the second last episode aired. It's certainly a good way for people to watch 'Epitaph One' before the finale.
I bought two DVD sets... people's birthdays always come unexpected!

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