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January 16 2010

What the papers say about last night's episode of Dollhouse. The A.V. Club reviewer gave 'The Hollow Men' an 'A-' and the HitFix recapper described the episode as "eerily well-done" and a "balls-out Shakespearean tragedy". TV Squad said it was "an enjoyable episode, but not as much as last week's" and the MTV reviewer thought the show "has had an amazing streak of episodes dating back to "Belonging," but I think that "The Hollow Men" was the weakest of the bunch". And finally, io9 makes a reasonable stab at explaining what the episode was all about.

Haven't watched it yet. Dying to.

Hoping my reaction to the episode will be closer to the first two than to the latter two, obviously.
I want a "The mad scientist in me says yes" t-shirt.
But I can also see the theme expanding to incorporate the Rossum corporation too. In the past, Boyd tells Caroline about the company’s work with Alzheimer’s and cancer patients, and it’s clear that at some point their corporate identity changed. Is that original imprint still there somewhere? Could Boyd’s attempt to save his friends be a vestige of a businessman looking to find cures, even if they’re on his own profitable terms? And if so, maybe the reason the world goes kerplooie over the next decade isn’t because the Rossum folks are unstoppably evil bastards, but because when Echo had Boyd as a blank slate, rather than re-imprinting him with a more benevolent personality, she used him to destroy. And maybe she did that because of the killer instinct Rossum imprinted in her. And so on. And so on....

I loved the AV Club analysis the best. This part in particular was fantastic.
Hadn't thought of how everyone was rejecting tech but then accepting tech in the whole episode.
The io9 recap was pretty great and thorough. I do think that some genre deconstruction, surface-happy-ending/subtext-scary was appening in the episode. I am also on board with wondering if I think this because

The AV club review was strong and I like Todd VW's thoughts at HitFlix.

Is it just me or is the TV Squad review kind of, um, awful? Poorly informed and without any insights.
I liked it. I really wasn't digging Dollhouse at all, but watching it anyway, until the episode where the senator realized he was a doll. That fascinated me.
I enjoyed this episode, but I've never seen Epitaph one so maybe that makes a difference. I didn't expect to understand everything. I loved all the Victor parts, as Topher and as Army of one. Loved all the Topher as Topher parts too. Got a little giggle out of the Echo-Saunders fight, just because it really seemed to me that Echo could have snapped poor little Amy Acker like a twig!
I didn't believe Boyd's speech about them being family. I thought he was just saying that to get them to keep helping him.

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Xane, if you get a chance, definitely rent the DVD/blu-ray, pay on iTunes, or download to see "Epitaph 1".

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