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January 16 2010

Last night's Dollhouse ratings. From Mark Berman.

Oh noes!!! how will Fox react to those raiting?! Should we be worried? how could people stop watching so close to the season finale?!?!?!?
Does anyone care anymore? Not like they matter at this point. was funny the first time. Not anymore.
I don't care. I've been used to earth-shattering bad ratings for a couple of months now. Doesn't change that I am proud to be one of those very few awesome people that appreciate terrifyingly good television.
But I'd hate for the tradition to not be carried til the more ep to go and you never have to see such a post again...
Who doesn't like sharks. But Dateline? Really?
Don't ever watch Shark Attack 3: Megalodon. You'll change your tune.
I meant documentaries or at least those lame edutainment shows trying to pass themselves off as such.

I hadn't googled Shark Tank. It is sharkless. Now I'm even sadder for Dollhouse and the world.
Reality shows have got to be some deal struck with the devil. This is what I have concluded. Like Home Alone.
Is SharkTank what I think it is?

...checks Sunfire's link.

Guess not.
Well that explains why the episode looked like they spent close to $0 on it
lt seems the ratings were up. I can honesty say that was a slamming episode, Boyd was the heavy, didn't see that one coming lt was totally brilliant Joss is the man.

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