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January 16 2010

Can't Stop the Serenity's 2010 Promotional Art contest. If you win then your "design will be featured on t-shirts, posters and promotional material".

Well, that'd be fun, but...I don't know a vector from a rastafarian...oh, wait...raster?

Yeah. So...I can't enter. I kind of have an idea, but not the skills needed.

Good luck to those entering, though! Great cause, and I'm proud of our 'verse.

Wow, I checked and the format actually mentions Vector and raster...but you don't have to vector or raster at all...artwork just needs to be made. If you cannot make artwork, maybe you can find an artist that is looking for an idea.

"We will accept any artwork in almost any format: vectorized, rasterized (bitmapped) or real life based (like a sketch or painting) "
If anyone is being scared off by the terms "vectorized" and "rastorized", please don't be!

Vector graphics use shapes (like curves or lines) as the foundation of the image, and is often the preferred format for printable images. When you shrink or enlarge a vectorized image, it stays crisp. You can shrink it to an icon or enlarge it to a billboard, and the quality is retained.

Rastor images (or bitmaps) on the other hand uses pixels or dots to create a picture. A key difference here is that these rely heavily on resolution for scalability (ie. it needs to be of very high resolution to ensure it can be enlarged and retain the quality).

Common Raster-based image editors include: Photoshop, MS Paint, and GIMP
Common vector-based image editors include: CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, or Inkscape
JenskiJen Ok, but...I don't have any of those programs. I have Paint Shop Pro, where I've created collages from pictures I either took myself or downloaded, and I use it to crop, resize and sometimes brighten the pictures I take.

I have an idea, but not the talent to make it a reality.

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