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January 16 2010

411 Mania interview with Charisma Carpenter. Promoting "House of Bones" (premiering tonight at 9PM on SyFy) She discusses which Angel co-star got her in the door for the casting of The Expendables and which Angel scene she showed Sly Stallone to get the part.

I forgot House of Bones was on tonight. Cheers for the reminder. Also, that's a really nice Andy Hallett story.
What she says about Andy at the end makes me sad. Once again R.I.P. Andy Hallet & Glenn Quinn. :(
Only about the millionth time I've cried about Andy since it happened. :(

No, I really don't think I'm getting past this.
He brought her shoes as a hostess gift! Hallett sounds like he was one cool dude.
Great interview, and memory of Andy. I really loved Cordelia, and I wish Charisma the best of luck. Hopefully this role with shine the limelight back on her. I'd love to see her in a new ongoing role on primetime television.
Really nice interview, I too love Charisma (and Cordelia is still my favourite Angel character). Enjoyed the audition story in particular (and of course the Andy story), that scene from Angel really is great and a good choice by her, it's great that she's so proud of it.

Bit strange that her son is in school though, I'm sure he was just born yesterday!
I don't read many Charisma interviews, but she seems to speak very much like Cordie did. Which is to say, somewhat valley girl. Does anyone else agree?

I do like the interview, though, and appreciate the stuff about Andy.
I don't see Valley Girl in Charisma and for the most part, Cordy either. Maybe season 1, but she's always had more depth and heart than the regular 09'er. She's more of a Logan Echolls than a Heidi Montag.
That was a wonderful interview, so great to hear from Charisma.

Her words towards Andy just broke my heart and made me just miss him so. There'll never be another like him.
I don't mean the character or person, just the speech. Maybe I'm being influenced because I just finished rewatching season 1. Mostly I mean the sentence structure and vocabulary.
Ex: 'He was so 120%...'
'...and all of that is kind of major.'

I'm not trying to be insulting or anything, I just think it's interesting.

Anyway, Wikipedia agrees with me in that Cordie was somewhat Valley girl, even if Harmony outdid her.
I actually watched this. Not horrible. Not the best movie ever and there's plenty of , "ok WHY are you splitting up again?"

Plus there's Corin Nemec, which I must admit was a big bonus. It was pretty much what you'd expect from a Syfy exclusive movie.
And it wasn't taken so. Relax, we don't eat our opposition often. Only on the third Sunday of a blue moon, which isn't often. Good thing, eh?
Well, it wasn't as bad as most SyFy films, but I doubt it's going to help CC's career any. It's just too bad the network doesn't seem to get the irony of its slogan "imagine greater."
I just thought that the movie was pretty bad. Maybe I was disappointed because I thought Charisma would be given more to do,have better lines and a greater role. Poor Charisma didn't have much to do but lie around on a couch and look pained or mystified for much of the movie. The role was beneath her. She is so much better than this.
God, she's m wonderful

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