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January 16 2010

Amber Benson and Adam Busch on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show. This Sunday, Jan 17th at 5PM (PST), Kevin interviews Adam, Amber, and members of the cast (and crew) of “Drones”.

Thank you for the heads up, RavenU. I would love to read a transcript of this interview if one of you kind people would note it.

Are Amber and Adam still an item? Thought they made a great couple.
Wow she looks great and l am happy for her l've not seen House of Bones, but l'm sure it's worth watching.
Amber will also be debuting her brand new short 'do with this appearance. ;)
@zee - I think you've posted in the wrong thread. You want the one below this one, re: Charisma Carpenter, yes? :)
OMG !!! They have a nickname, like Bradgelina, Amber and Adam are Ambusch
RavenU :That's a good idea but personally I just like to use character names to make nicknames for real couples so this could be Tarren (or Lenolo from Lenore and Manolo but....)

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