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January 16 2010

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 artist Georges Jeanty on the Twilight reveal. He also talks about why he thinks Season 8 will "stand as one of the most important seasons of the series".

Thanks for plugging this here, Simon. :)
I don't think I'll ever be able to see any of the comic book 'seasons' as important as any of the TV seasons... I like the comics but don't feel the same connection as I did with the show.

Does anyone feel any different?
@ TwisTz: Recently re-reading issues one to twenty-something I found #8 to be the tightest season up to date, it has a very convincing development. Back when I read the first issues, I wasn't as satisfied for many, mostly personal reasons. I had no patience, f.e. I wanted Willow's killing of Warren to be dealt with on the same deep level like they did with Faith. (I've never been satisfied with "The Killer In Me".) I wanted to see the Scoobies get over the bad things they did to each other (especially Buffy did to Xander), if possible, to rebond.

Strangely I somehow felt uncomfortable with the demise of ever annoying Ethan Rayne - maybe because Giles will never be able to beat him up again?

It took me long to connect with George's artwork. I was very disappointed about the Sunnydale crater. Still I can't tell Oz from Andrew by looking at them, o God ...!

I was blown away by "Chain". But I guess the moments when I connected again deeply were the final Faith/Genevieve dialogue, the minder, Faith having to kill the vampire children, Future Not-so-evil Will taking that closer look at Miss Summer's nose, Dracula's character study and his fighting for Xander ... and many more.

And I'm not digging Twilight's costume .....
No. Although I am reading season 8,nothing will ever take the place of the actual series. When I heard Joss was meeting with cable reps, I couldn't help but have a happy. Probably he will try something new and original on cable. I guess one more season of our Buffy and Angel characters is too much to hope for? I am really ready for it, so sick of the current reality, medical, crime shows.

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