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January 17 2010

Clips from Alan Tudyk's new movie "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil". Looks like it could be an excellent send-up of a certain horror genre.

College Kids!!
Looks high-larious!
I love the whole premise. Nothing against Eliza (or Emmanuelle Chriqui, whom I would watch read the phonebook) or the all around funny horror lark of the first "Wrong Turn", but it's just this grossly offensive nonsense that you'll drive off the trail in West Virginia and find cannibalistic psychos who wear overalls and slobber. It's like when my brother law -- who is from the country in question -- saw "Air Force One" and Gary Oldman's character talked about "the horrors of Kazakhstan". If I remember where the first "Wrong Turn" was set, you're much more likely to run into the world-renowned five-star luxury resort at the Greenbrier than you are to run into the cannibals.

So, you go Tucker and Dale. Hope you can save some of those college kids from killing themselves before its too late!
This. Looks. Hilarious.

I stopped watching after the 2nd clip 'cos I didn't want to spoil myself.
Yeah, this looks awesome! Must see this.

Thanks for the heads up on twitter gossi.
Gosh, you got to love Alan. Man is absolute brilliance in humor...are you sure there wasn't some Joss in there?
Anyone know the release date?
Good question. Pool anyone? I'm laying my bet on September 7, 2010. Why? I'd just gasp that date out of the air and, now, it's all mine.
I am definitely going to check this out. Not only is Alan great, but I always thought Tyler Labine was very funny on Reaper.
IMDB says it'll be at the Sundance Film Festival on January 22nd. From there, they'll have to wait for a pick-up.

Judging by the amount of comments on its IMDB message board so far (as solid a foundation for an assessment as I've ever found), it looks like it could go either way in terms of becoming very popular or ending up one of those break-out-on-DVD hits.

Never realized that Emmanuelle Chriqui, who plays likeable, if somewhat dull, Sloane on Entourage, was the same girl who played the character that everyone was hoping would die in Wrong Turn (so shrill and constantly complaining, from what I remember, that the film makers gave her a grimly fitting end--axe through the mouth).

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